How To Block Airtel SIM | Airtel SIM Block Code 2024

Have you lost your smartphone or Airtel sim card? If yes, you must get your airtel sim (Prepaid/Postpaid) blocked. In this article, I will guide you to block airtel sim by SMS, online and via airtel sim block number and code. You can also deactivate the airtel sim by calling customer care.

I will be sharing with you all the possible methods that can be applied to deactivate your airtel number. It is easy to block your lost Airtel sim, you need to follow the Airtel sim deactivation process given below. After blocking your Airtel number, you are eligible to apply for a new sim with the same number.

Don’t worry! I will also explain the Airtel sim replacement procedure so that you can get a new Airtel sim card with the same mobile number. You can also visit the nearby Airtel store and request them to deactivate your Airtel number. And if you have lost your Airtel sim, call a non-airtel number to get your sim blocked quickly.

You can also use other numbers (any network) of your family or friends to deactivate your Airtel number without any issue.

You Must Know These Details Before Blocking Your Airtel SIM:

  • Airtel mobile number, which you want to deactivate.
  • You should know the last recharge amount made on the lost number.
  • Any Address or ID Proof.
  • Recently dialled calls.

You must have this information to block your Airtel sim successfully or raise a sim block airtel online request. The operator will verify all the required sim ownership details before proceeding with the sim blocking process. Let us get started with the Airtel prepaid and postpaid deactivation methods.

Airtel SIM Block Code & Number

The Airtel sim block code 2024 is 198, a toll-free Airtel sim block number available 24/7 for getting an Airtel sim card blocked due to loss or other security reasons.

Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid SIMAirtel SIM Block Number 2024
Airtel SIM Block Code121 | 198
Airtel Block Number198
Airtel Number Block Code

How To Block Airtel SIM 2024

  1. Take your phone & launch the caller app.
  2. Dial this Airtel sim block customer care number: 121 or 198.
  3. Make a call on the above-given number.
  4. Choose your comfortable language.
  5. Get your call connected to a customer care executive.
  6. Ask him to block your Airtel sim.
  7. You will be asked a few details like mobile number, DOB, last recharge amount, etc.
  8. Provide all the necessary information to the person over the call.
  9. In the case of Airtel Postpaid SIM, the address will be verified.
  10. Your Airtel sim will be blocked once your details are confirmed and matched.

Dial this number 9849098490 from any other network mobile numberif you have lost your airtel sim. It may take few days to completely deactivate your airtel sim card. You will be notified via SMS/Email ID once the blocking is done.

Airtel SIM Block From Non-Airtel Numbers

  1. Open the dialler app.
  2. Dial this non-airtel block number: 9849098490.
  3. Make a call on the above toll-free number.
  4. Connect your call to the customer care executive.
  5. Inform him that your Airtel sim is lost.
  6. Tell the lost number you want to deactivate.
  7. Now, you will be asked for other details.
  8. Give all the details and confirm your deactivation.
  9. The Airtel sim will be blocked after the details are confirmed.
  10. In the end, you will be advised over the call.

This methods is for those airtel users who have lost their sim and need to block their airtel number. So, you can call from any other mobile number (friend/family) to deactivate your airtel sim card if lost.

Airtel SIM LostAirtel SIM Block Number For Other Network
Non-Airtel Number To Block9849098490 | 1800 103 4444
Airtel SIM Lost Block Number

How To Deactivate Airtel SIM By Visiting Airtel Store

  1. First, visit your nearest Airtel store:
  2. Take your ID & address proof with you.
  3. Ask the store operator to deactivate your Airtel sim card.
  4. The operator will ask for document proofs.
  5. You need to give the lost Airtel number and the last recharge amount.
  6. Once your details and submitted documents are verified.
  7. Then, the operator will deactivate your Airtel sim number.
  8. Airtel sim is now successfully deactivated.
  9. The Airtel sim deactivation process can take some time to complete.

Anyone who do not want to deactivate their airtel sim by themselves over the call can visit the nearby airtel store. The operator there will help you in deactivating your airtel sim card.

How To Apply For New Airtel SIM Replacement After Blocking

Do you want to apply for a new Airtel sim card with the same number lost earlier and get it blocked? If it’s a yes, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your nearby Airtel store.
  2. Use the Airtel store locator to find your nearest Airtel store.
  3. Keep a copy of your ID and address proof along with you.
  4. You also need to take the original document with you.
  5. Ask the store caretaker to apply for a new SIM card with the same number blocked.
  6. Provide the block details like SMS confirmation.
  7. Submit all the documents asked.
  8. When the details are verified, the operator applies for a new sim replacement.
  9. Once you receive the new sim, get it inserted into your phone.
  10. Finally, activate the airtel sim to start enjoying calling and data services.

So, these were the ways to block your Airtel mobile number, which you might have lost recently or do on your own. The Airtel SIM card prepaid or postpaid can be easily deactivated within a few hours. Kindly refer to the frequently asked questions to clear doubts about Airtel sim blocking. And still, if you are facing any issues, call the toll-free airtel customer care number.

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FAQS On Airtel SIM Deactivation

How to block Airtel sim online?

No, you cannot block your Airtel sim card online because the telecom company does not provide an online sim-blocking service. In simple words, you cannot place an Airtel sim block online. You can try out other ways to get your Airtel sim card blocked.

How to block Airtel sim through SMS?

No, you cannot block your Airtel sim card by sending an SMS. There is no such message service from Airtel for availing this block facility through SMS. Working methods are given in this article.

How can I unblock my deactivated Airtel number?

You can unblock your blocked Airtel sim by contacting Airtel customer care directly or mailing them. You can also visit the nearby Airtel store to get your SIM unblocked.

How can I apply for a new sim with the same number?

If you have lost your smartphone and the sim is blocked, apply for a new sim with the same number by visiting your nearest Airtel store. This service is chargeable and must be availed within a specified period.

How can I raise the Airtel sim block request online?

You can visit the Airtel official website and log in with your Airtel 10-digit mobile number and OTP verification. When logged in, raise the request to block your Airtel sim.

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