Airtel Mobile Number Check Code 2022

Airtel Number Check Code 2022 | How To Check Airtel Number | Airtel SIM Number Check Code

How To Know My Airtel Mobile Number – Do you have forgotten your Airtel SIM number? If it’s yes, then this article is for you. I will be showing you all the ways to check your Airtel number instantly via the airtel number check code. Anyone can easily find out their own airtel sim number via airtel mobile number check code also called USSD Code, SMS, Airtel Thanks app and by calling Customer Care.

I will be discussing all the ways in detail, so don’t worry about the checking steps. You will also be able to find the airtel sim owner name after reading this post. So, let’s get started.

Airtel Number Check Code

The Airtel Number Check Code 2022 is *282# that need to be dialled to check your airtel mobile number. This airtel no check code is toll-free and instantly displays your airtel phone number when the USSD code processes. This is one the fastest way to check anyone’s airtel sim number within a few seconds.

Airtel SIM Number CheckAirtel Mobile Number Check Code
Airtel Number Check Code 2022*282#
Airtel No Check Code

How To Check Airtel Mobile Number By Dialing Short Code:

  1. Launch your phone’s dialer app.
  2. Dial this ussd code *282# and make a call.
  3. Now, wait for few seconds to see your airtel sim number.
  4. After a few seconds, you will be able to see your airtel number on your phone’s screen.
  5. Done.

There is no SMS method to check your Airtel mobile number. So, use the USSD Code to find out your Airtel SIM Number. The USSD method is fast and works perfectly.

How To Check Airtel Number Using Thanks App

  1. At first, download & install the Airtel Thanks app from the app store.
  2. Launch the Airtel app and log in to your account via OTP.
  3. After successfully logging in, you can see your airtel mobile number on the screen
  4. Make sure that you are in the “Home” section.
  5. That’s it, note down your mobile number for future use.
  6. Done.

How To Check My Airtel Number By Calling Customer Care

This method is easy for those people who do not know how to operate a phone. You just need to call the airtel customer care number and ask the company to tell you your mobile number. To make the process even easier and fast, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial the number 121 and make a call.
  2. Select your comfortable language.
  3. Press the number 9 to talk to the customer care executive. (The number to get your call connected to the customer care executive sometimes changes).
  4. Ask the airtel executive to tell your airtel sim mobile number.
  5. The customer care executive after verifying your details will tell your number.
  6. Note down your phone number for future use.
  7. Done.

How To Know My Airtel Number By Calling Other People

This method is the most simple and fastest way to find your own number. Anyone can apply this method. There is one disadvantage of this method is that your number must have an active pack so that you can make a call. Follow the steps below to find your airtel number:

  • Take your phone and launch the dialler app.
  • Dial any of your friends or family member number and make a call.
  • After making a call, ask your friend/family member to see their incoming call details and tell your number.
  • The process can be quite easy if your friend is with you.
  • Save your number for further use.
  • Done.


The article ends here, I hope that you will be now able to find your airtel sim number easily. There are four methods mentioned in this article to make your work even more simple and fast. You can choose any of the methods to check your airtel number in a few seconds. I have also provided you with the code to check airtel number.

The methods include USSD code, Airtel app, calling Airtel Customer Care and calling any other people. You just need to select the one which fits you and complete your work. In case, if you have more doubts then you can go through the frequently asked questions given below and clear your doubts. However, you can also comment to know about anything more related to airtel sim number checking.

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What is the airtel number check code?

You can dial *282# from your airtel number to view your own number on the phone’s screen. This code works completely normal and fast.

How to check the airtel sim owner name?

There are two through which you can find out the sim owner name. The first way is by using the Airtel thanks app, you just need to log in to check your name. The other method is by calling the customer care number and asking them the owner name.

How to check my airtel postpaid number?

The process of finding out your airtel postpaid number is the same as that of the prepaid number. However, the easiest way to check your airtel postpaid number is by checking your monthly bill.

How to know that my airtel number is active or deactivated?

To know whether your airtel sim is active or not, you can make a call to the airtel customer care from any other airtel number. Now, tell the customer care your airtel sim number and ask him to verify your sim that it is active or not.

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