How To Set Caller Tune in Airtel 2023

How To Set Caller Tune in Airtel By SMS, Without Wynk Music App, Online, USSD Code & Airtel Thanks App For Free | Airtel Hello Tune Number For Keypad Mobile Phone

Airtel is one of the oldest and most popular telecom networks in India. These days people have shown more interest in activating Airtel Hello Tunes, especially the airtel name caller tunes. Airtel has added a separate section named Hello Tunes in the airtel music app so that airtel sim users can easily enable their favourite hello tunes via the airtel hello tune number within a few seconds.

The airtel hello tunes app also allows you to search for your desired or favourite caller tunes. You can easily look for the best caller tunes of any music, album, artist, singer or movie. You need to enter the required name, such as singer name, song name etc. on the search bar, which is at the top. You can also dial the airtel caller tune number if you don’t want to use the Wynk music app.

If you want to set a caller tune for a specific number, you can also do it easily. Don’t worry! I will explain all the methods step by step. Don’t forget to read this article wholly. Let’s get started.

How To Set Caller Tune in Airtel By Wynk Music App

  1. First, Download the Wynk Music App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the airtel music app and log in using your airtel sim number.
  3. Now, go to the main menu by swiping forward.
  4. Click on the “Hellotunes” option.
  5. You can now see the latest Hindi, English, and Punjabi popular tunes.
  6. You can also look for a specific hello tune using the search bar.
  7. Select and click on the hello tune that you want to set.
  8. To listen to the preview of the caller tune, click on the play icon.
  9. Finally, click on the “Activate for Free” option.
  10. You will receive an SMS confirmation regarding the activation of Airtel Hello Tune on your number.

In the Hellotunes section, you will find a wide range of caller tunes categories, including Trending Tunes on Wynk, Popular Artist Tunes, Romantic Tunes, Happy Tunes, Devotional Tunes, Top Retro Tunes, Love Story Tunes etc.

Note the charges for activating hello tunes on your airtel mobile number are zero. The airtel caller tune service is completely free.

How To Set Caller Tune in Airtel Without Wynk Music App

  1. Launch the caller on your phone.
  2. Dial this airtel caller tune number: 543211
  3. Choose your comfortable language.
  4. Listen to the recorded IVR call instructions carefully.
  5. Press the suitable number on the keypad.
  6. In the end, your desired caller tune will be activated/deactivated.
  7. The SMS confirmation will be sent to your airtel number.
  8. You have now set a caller tune without any app.

You don’t need to use the Wynk Music App to set your favourite caller tune in airtel. You have to just make use of the caller app and dial the free hello tune number provided above.

How To Set Caller Tune in Airtel By SMS

As of now, Airtel provides only one way to activate the hello tunes service on any airtel number. The Airtel Wynk music app is the official and only single method to activate free Airtel caller tunes. However, you can deactivate your active hello tune service by sending an SMS.

Earlier, we used to send “SET <songcode>” to 543211 to set the caller tune. In the place of the song code, we have to type the code of the song which you want to set. Airtel has stopped this method to set a hello tune for its subscribers.

To stop your existing airtel caller tune, create a new message and type STOP. Send this message to this number 155223. Other than the SMS method, you can try out the USSD code method to activate the caller tune service. The airtel hello tune activation USSD code is *678#.

Airtel Hello Tune Number 2023

The airtel hello tune number is 543211, which can be dialled from your airtel mobile number to set your favourite hello tune in a few seconds. It is a toll-free number to activate or deactivate your desired caller tune.

Activate/DeactivateAirtel Free Hello Tune Number 2023
Airtel Hello Tune Number 2023543211
Airtel Hello Tune Number Keypad Mobile

Activate Airtel Hello Tunes Using USSD Code

  1. Take your smartphone or a keypad phone.
  2. Launch the dialer app.
  3. Dial this airtel hello tune ussd code *678#.
  4. Select your favourite tune and reply with its respective serial number.
  5. At last, confirm your hello tune activation.
  6. Done.

Airtel Caller Tune Number

The airtel caller tune number is 543211 that need to be called to set your favourite caller tune for free. You need a simple keypad mobile to do this. You can use a simple keypad phone to

Activate/DeactivateAirtel Free Caller Tune Number 2023
Airtel Caller Tune Number 2023543211
Airtel Caller Tune Number Keypad Phone

How To Copy Someone’s Airtel Caller Tune

  1. Call the airtel number whose you want to copy the tune.
  2. Listen to the tune once.
  3. Press the *9 to copy this tune.
  4. You have successfully copied his/her hello tune.
  5. Make sure that you are calling an airtel number.
  6. You cannot copy other operators like the Jio tune.
  7. Enjoy the new tune on your airtel mobile number.

How To Request For Airtel Hello Tune Of A Specific Song

Those who want to set a hello tune in airtel, which is not available in the Wynk music app can follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Wynk Music App.
  2. Sign in to the music app via your airtel sim number.
  3. Now, search for the song for which you want to request a hello tune.
  4. Play the song to find this option “Request HT”.
  5. Click on the small “Request HT” icon.
  6. Request hellotune pop-up message will appear on the screen.
  7. Finally, click on the “Yes & Notify me” option.
  8. Now, you have to wait at least 1 -2 weeks for the request to get processed.

You can visit the song and play it to check whether the Hello Tune icon is available or not.


Activating or deactivating the Airtel Hello Tune on your airtel mobile number is not that difficult, you have to open the wynk music app and press a few options. If you want to set the tune without any app, then there is no other choice.

I have explained all the current working methods to set the tune on your airtel sim. As far as I know, the wynk music app is the best and fastest way to activate the hello tune service. The caller tune service is free, you can verify this by checking your balance through the airtel balance check code after activating a tune.

You can also check out the Airtel USSD Codes List to know about other airtel services. Note that you need to have an active data pack to use the wynk app to set the tune. So, it is better to check your airtel data balance if you are facing a network issue or a slow response while using the app.

One more thing to note is that you cannot create your tune and set it. You can also not set the music stored in your phone’s storage as a tune. So, don’t waste your time on all these. In case you are facing any issues while activating/deactivating the airtel tune, contact the airtel customer care number for resolution.

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FAQs On Airtel Hello Tune Service

How can I set the airtel caller tune without wynk music?

No, it’s not possible to set caller tune on your number without using the wynk music app because it is the only single method available currently.

How can I set a name caller tune in airtel?

As of now, Airtel is not providing any name tunes for its subscribers. In future, the company may release it on the wynk app.

Is the airtel caller tune service free?

Yes, the airtel hello tunes service is free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything to enjoy the free tune service.

How to deactivate the airtel caller tune service?

To deactivate the current activated hello tune service, you can either use the wynk app or send an SMS STOP to 543211.

How can I set the airtel caller tune on a simple keypad phone?

You can dial this airtel caller tune number 543211 on your simple keypad phone. Make a call and then follow the IVR instructions.

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