How To Set Caller Tune in Jio 2022

Jio Caller Tune Number Toll-Free | How To Set Caller Tune in Jio From My Music, Jio Saavn, And in Jio Phone | Activate Jio Name Tunes | Activate/Deactivate Jio hello Tune Services

Do you use the Jio telecom network and want to use the Jio Caller Tune service for free? If it’s yes, then follow this guide to activate your favourite caller tune on your Jio number. There are many methods to set Jio tune in Jio including the JioSaavn music app, sending SMS and calling the toll-free Jio Tune Number.

Don’t worry, I will be explaining to you all the methods so that you can choose the best one for you. The interesting fact is that Jio allows setting jio name caller tunes using the JioSaavn app. You can also set a caller tune for specific mobile numbers. And if you want to set a Jio tune from the middle of a song then I have one trick to do this.

Reliance Jio sim users also search for activating Jio tune from YouTube or My Music gallery which is stored in the phone’s storage. Is it really possible to set Jio tune from these two platforms? Find the answer and the best solution at the end of this article.

I will be also sharing with you one trick through which you can get the best Jio Caller Tune Songs List without paying any fee or amount. Let’s see the Jio tune activation process.

How To Set Caller Tune in Jio From My Music

You cannot set caller tune in jio from your music stored in your phone’s storage. The only ways to set jio caller tune on your jio number is by using the Jio Saavn App, MyJioApp, Sending SMS and calling the Jio Hello Tune Number. All these methods have been explained in detail below, kindly go through them for more details and set procedures.

How To Set Caller Tune in Jio Saavn App

  1. First, Download and install the JioSaavn music app.
  2. Launch the JioSaavn Jio Tune app.
  3. In the “Home” section, go to the JioTunes tab.
  4. Now, you can see a list of Jio tunes.
  5. Select any of your favourite Jio caller Tune and click on them.
  6. Play the song to open its music interface.
  7. Click on the small music icon given on the right side.
  8. Tap on the play icon to listen to the Jio tune before activating it.
  9. Finally, click on the Set JioTune option.
  10. Done.

Now, you have successfully activated the desired Jio Tune on your Jio mobile number. You will also find other Jio tunes of various categories including Trending Jio Tunes, Top Jio caller Tunes, Bollywood Romance, Bollywood Retro, English and by movies and artists too. You have to just scroll down to find these all.

How To Set Caller Tune in Jio Phone By SMS

  1. Launch your smartphone’s messaging app.
  2. Create a new SMS and write JT.
  3. Send the above-typed message to 56789.
  4. Now, you receive an SMS containing all the Jio Tunes categories.
  5. To look for a specific song, reply to the message with the first 3 words of the song.
  6. For a movie song, reply with MOVIE <Movie Name>.
  7. For an Album, reply with ALBUM <Album Name>.
  8. And for songs of a specific singer, reply with SINGER <Singer Name>.
  9. Search and select your favourite Jio Tune and reply with the song serial number.
  10. Reply to the Number “1” to the message received.
  11. At last, reply to the message regarding activation of JioTunes with “Y”.
  12. Done.

Set Caller Tune in Jio Using MyJio App

  1. Download the My Jio app from the Play Store.
  2. Install the My Jio application and launch it.
  3. Go to the “JIOSAAVN” section.
  4. Click on the Jio Tunes option.
  5. Choose the best Jio Hello Tune.
  6. Click on the small music icon available at the right side of the song name.
  7. You can also click on the small music play button to listen to the Jio tune first.
  8. At last, click on the “Set JioTune” option.
  9. That’s it, done.

Steps To Activate Jio Tune By Calling Other Number

  1. The first step is to dial a Jio number.
  2. Now, listen to Jio Caller Tune that your receiver has set on his Jio Number.
  3. You can call anyone whether it be your friend, family member etc.
  4. If you like the Jio tune of the receiver then press the * (Star) button.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message.
  6. Reply to the message by typing Y.
  7. The Jio Hello Tune will be set on your Jio number.
  8. Basically, the star is pressed for copying other’s Jio Tune.

That’s it, these were the four ways to activate Jio Caller Tune on your Jio SIM number. I have taught all the possible methods including My Jio app, SMS, Star Button and JioSaavn music app to set Jio Hello Tune at no cost.

How To Request For Jio Tune Of A Specific Song

In some cases, especially when a new song is launched or if the song is very old, you might see the Jio Tune of these songs will not be available on the JioSaavn app to set it. So, in this case, you can request for Jio Tune of that particular song.

Follow the steps given below to request for Jio Tune of a specific song:

  1. Open the JioSaavn app.
  2. Search for the song for which you want request Jio Caller Tune.
  3. Play the song and click on the small music icon with a slash line on it.
  4. Now, you will see this message: Sorry, this song isn’t available as a JioTune yet.
  5. Finally, click on the Request option.
  6. The request for generating the Jio Tune of that song has been sent to the company.
  7. Now, wait for at least 7 workings days and again come to the song to see the status.

By following the above, you can set any song as Jio Tune on your jio number for free. This is what you need to do when the Jio Tune of your song is not available for activation.

How To Set Hello Tune in Jio

The Jio Phone users can use the two methods including SMS and the Jio Tune number one. I have already explained both the method above in detail. Kindly, go through the steps and activate your favourite hello tune on the Jio keypad phone.

You can also use the My Jio app or the JioSaavn music app to activate the Jio Tune service if any of these two apps are available on the Jio phone. However, the SMS and the calling method are the easiest ones to enable Jio Hello Tune for Jio Phone users.


I tried my best to guide you through the whole Jio caller tune activation and deactivation process. Most people get confused about the price of the Jio hello tune service. Let me clear that the Jio Caller Tune service is completely free.

You can also check your Jio account balance by dialling the Jio Balance Check Code to verify that you have been charged a cost or not. The same can be done with the Jio Data Balance too. You can also go through the Jio USSD Code to know more about the Jio caller tune activation code.

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For your knowledge, you can set your Jio tune online by visiting the JioSaavn official site and logging in to it. The rest process is the same as the app. And if you are facing any issue while activating the Jio hello tune on your number then contact the Jio customer care number.


How can I set caller tune in Jio?

Any Jio SIM user can activate the caller tune service on the My Jio app, JioSaavn music app and by sending SMS. The explanation for all the methods is given in the article.

Is there any charge for JioTune Service?

No, the Jio Caller Tune service is completely free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything for enjoying the Hello Tune service.

How to copy someone’s Jio caller tune?

Make a call to the number of your friend, family member etc. whom you like to copy the Jio Tune. When you hear the caller tune, press the star button to set it as your tune.

What to do when Jio Tune is not available to set?

When there is no Jio Tune available for a specific song, you can simply request a new Jio caller tune of that particular music via the JioSaavn music app or the My Jio app.

Where can I find the best Jio caller tunes list?

Open the JioSaavn music application and go to the JioTunes section. Now, scroll down to find the top and best Jio Tunes list category. The Trending ones will also be listed here.

How to deactivate Jio caller tune service?

To deactivate your activated Jio Hello Tune services, create a new SMS and type STOP. Now, send the message to 155223 to completely stop the Jio tune service.

How to set name tunes in Jio?

As of now, Jio does not provide any name tune service. You will be notified if the name caller tune service comes in future.

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