Vi Free Data Code 2023 Today: Free Recharge Vi SIM

Vi Free Data Code Today 2023 | Vi Free Internet Code | Vi SIM Unlimited Internet Balance | Vi Free Data Number | How To Get Free Data in Vi

Vodafone idea has launched a free data offer according to which Vi SIM users can enjoy free data daily without paying any extra cost. No matter what network type you are using, it may be 4G or 5G. The offer can be applied to either Vi SIM Prepaid or Postpaid connections.

In order to get access to free vi unlimited data, you must dial the required Vi Free Data USSD Code on your Vi Mobile Number. In this article, I will be explaining to you all the methods through which you can get Vi free internet balance without recharge.

Talking about the Vi Data Offers, you can get 1GB/7GB/10GB Vi free data for 7 days depending upon your eligibility and the offer terms & conditions. The most exciting fact is that Vi has started to provide unlimited free data every day between 12 AM and 6 AM. You can avail yourself through a free net code if found eligible.

Apart from providing all the latest Vodafone idea free internet offers, I will share with you some cool Vi Free Data Tricks so that you can enjoy free internet daily without any speed cap. The Vi Prepaid Data offer can be claimed using the Vi official website or the My Vi app. The shortcode method is always there to get any free recharge.

So, without taking much time, let’s get started with the Vodafone idea free data code offers and tricks that work perfectly. You can also check out the Vi USSD Codes published on this site for all other shortcodes.

Vi Free Data Code & Number

The Vi Free Data Code Today is *111# through which you can get unlimited Vi free internet for 7 days. You can call this Vi-free data dial number and enjoy 1GB to 10GB depending on eligibility and other conditions.

Vodafone Idea SIMVi Free Internet Code Today
Vi Free Data Code 2023 Prepaid*111#
Vi SIM Free Data Code Today

The above free data number can be used to get up to 10GB at no cost for Vi SIM users. The process of using the given shortcode is given below.

Steps To Get Free Vi Data For 7 Days By Dialing USSD Code

  1. Take your smartphone.
  2. Launch the phone’s caller app.
  3. Dial this Vi Free Data Code Number: *111#.
  4. make sure you are dialling the above number with your Vi SIM.
  5. Wait for the message to pop up.
  6. If found eligible, you will get a free 10GB Net balance.
  7. You will also get a confirmation message about the free data credit.
  8. Done.

How To Get Free Data in Vi

  1. First, Download the Vodafone Idea app from the app store.
  2. Install the My Vi app and then launch it.
  3. Login in via your mobile number & OTP verification.
  4. At the home, you will see a message regarding the Vi Free Data Offer of 10GB or 7GB for 1 week.
  5. Click on the message and confirm it to get the free data balance credited to your account.
  6. That’s it, done.
  7. Also, note that you will get the free data offer only when you are eligible for it.

It’s compulsory for you to download and use the Vi app to check for the free internet offer on your number. You can also use the Vi mobile app to manage your Vi Prepaid connection and get all the account-related info within a few seconds.

The app also shows the best offers for you including the Talktime Recharge ones and other recharges. You can also pay your monthly bill instantly.

Vi Free Data Call Number 1GB/10GB/14GB

DetailsVi Free Data Call Number
Vi Free Data Dial Number121365
Vi SIM Free Data Number

Follow the steps below to avail free net balance by calling a number:

  1. Open the phone’s dialer app.
  2. Dial this Vi free internet code 121365.
  3. Make a call using your Vodafone idea sim.
  4. Listen to the offer details on the call.
  5. Confirm to get 2GB of data for free for 7 days.
  6. Note that this offer is not for all customers.
  7. This is a specific account offer so give it a try to check your eligibility.
  8. Done.

Vi Every Day Free Data Offer: Unlimited Internet Daily

Vodafone idea has started a new everyday data offer according to you which any VI SIM user can get unlimited free vi data usage daily from 12 AM to 6 AM. This offer applies to all Vi SIM users across the country.

The company launched this offer on 16th Feb and the users who have made their recharge on this day or later are eligible for Vi Unlimited Free Data every day between 12 AM & 6 AM. There will be no speed capping or restrictions during this time.

Let’s see some key details regarding this Vi Daily Free Data Offer:

  • The Vi Every Day Free data offer is for all Vi SIM users. However, you have to activate this offer to get it.
  • The Vi free data timing is from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM.
  • You can watch and stream all the video content including YouTube, Movies, Web Series etc.
  • You can also download your favourite movies and web series during your free time.
  • Enjoy uncapped speed.
  • There is no restriction on data usage, it’s truly unlimited.

How To Activate Vi Daily Free Data Offer:

This is a bundle offer so you have to make a recharge of at least Rs 249 or more to grab the Vi everyday unlimited data offer. Also, note that if you have done your recharge before 16th February then you are not eligible for this data scheme.

You also need to make sure that the recharge amount is a minimum of RS 249, the amount cannot be less than this to get the bundle offer.


Finally, it’s better to check your Vi internet balance after grabbing the free data to confirm the offer. You can also use the Vi Data Balance Check Code to know your net balance instantly.

Additionally, you can also check your Main Account Balance through Vi Balance Check Code to check for unnecessary balance deductions or charges. You can also use the latest Vi Fast APN Settings to enjoy faster data speed without any capping.

Knowing about the terms & conditions of this Vi Data Offer is also very important to clear any sort of confusion. The Vi SIM data offer is applicable to selected users only. In case of any network connectivity issue, you will get an extra 10GB of 4G data. You can follow any of the Vi Data Tricks given in this article and enjoy free data recharge without paying any charge or amount.

FAQs On Vi SIM Free Data

How can I get free data in Vi without a recharge?

You can get free data in Vi mobile number without doing any recharge by following any of the methods or dialling the vi free data code given in this article.

What is the Vi Free Recharge Code?

The Vi Free Recharge Code is *111# which can be dialled to get free data ranging from 1Gb to 14GB depending on your eligibility and other criteria.

How can I get unlimited data in Vi SIM?

You can enjoy unlimited data in their vi mobile number during the nighttime starting from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM. This offer is for all Vi Prepaid SIM users who are using the hero unlimited plan which has Binge All Night Benefits.

Who is eligible for the Vi Night Data benefit?

The Vi SIM users who have recharged their mobile number with any of the Vi Hero Unlimited plans that come with the unlimited night data offer.

How Can I avail of Binge All Night Data on my Vi number?

You have to recharge your Vi mobile number with any of the Vi Hero Unlimited Plans to get the benefit of All Night Data on your Vi SIM as a bundle offer.

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