Airtel PUK Code 8-Digit Number To Unlock SIM 2024

PUK Code Of Airtel 8 Digit: If your Airtel SIM has been blocked intentionally or mistakenly then you need Airtel PUK Code Unlock Number to unblock your blocked Airtel SIM Card. You can enter the default SIM PIN to instantly unlock your Airtel number. However, if you fail to enter the default PIN Code three times, you will be asked to enter the unique personal unlocking key.

In this article, I will be showing you how to get your Airtel PUK Code Number Online, By SMS, calling the Airtel Customer Care Number, using the Airtel Thanks app and dialling a USSD Code. So, let’s get started. Also, you need to know your airtel mobile number because it will be asked when getting your PUK Code.

Airtel PUK Code By Calling Customer Care Number

  1. Take your family or friends’ phones who are using Airtel.
  2. Dial this airtel customer care number 121.
  3. Make a call to the above airtel puk code helpline number.
  4. Choose your favourite language.
  5. Listen to the instructions carefully.
  6. Press the appropriate number to go to the PUK section.
  7. Ask the call representative to provide your Airtel PUK Code number.
  8. Give your details like DOB and alternate mobile number.
  9. After verification, you will get your Airtel SIM PUK Code Unlock Number.
  10. Check for the SMS to find your unlocking key.

If you can’t find the suitable number to go to PUK section on the IVR call, simply, get your call connected to the customer care executibe by pressing the 9 number. When connected, you can ask the live agent to give your airtel puk unlock code.

How To Get an 8-Digit PUK Code For Airtel By SMS

  1. Take another phone with an Airtel sim in it.
  2. Send an SMS by typing your Airtel number which has been locked to 785.
  3. Now, type PUK <SPACE> 15-digit Airtel SIM Number and send it to 121.
  4. Within a few seconds, you will get your 8-digit Airtel PUK Code by SMS.
  5. Enter the received airtel sim puk code number to unlock your blocked SIM.
  6. Finally, submit the personal unlocking key.
  7. Done.

You have send the SMS through a different airtel mobile number and make sure to note down your blocked airtel sim card number because it’s compulsory to get your PUK unlock code through the SMS sending method.

How To Find PUK Code Airtel Using My Airtel App

For this My Airtel App 2024 PUK Code method, you need to have another smartphone in which a different airtel sim card is inserted. You can also try out this Airtel Thanks app method on your phone in which the PUK-banned SIM is inserted. Let’s see the process.

  1. Switch off your smartphone.
  2. Remove the locked airtel SIM.
  3. Switch on the phone.
  4. You can either insert another SIM or connect to a Wi-Fi network for internet access.
  5. Download and install the Airtel Thanks app.
  6. Navigate to “More” which is given at the bottom.
  7. Search for this keyword, “PUK Code” in the “Tell Us Your Concern” field.
  8. Select this, “I want to know my PUK Number | Prepaid” from the drop-down list.
  9. Provide the airtel number for which you want to get the PUK Code Number.
  10. Shortly, the airtel sim PUK Code will be sent to you.
  11. Now, restart your phone and install the locked SIM Card this time.
  12. Enter the personal unlocking key when asked.

If you have access to another smartphone, you can simply skip the steps starting from number 1 to 4 and direct start with the step no 5. Once, you receive the PUK then restart your locked sim phone and enter the received Airtel SIM Unlock PIN.

Steps To Get Airtel PUK Code Unlock By USSD

  1. Take another airtel sim card inserted phone.
  2. Dial this PUK USSD Code: *121*51#.
  3. You will get a POP-UP message, click the OK option.
  4. Shortly, you see another popup message displaying many options.
  5. Select the PUK option and go with it.
  6. You will see now two options: “PUK for you” & “PUK for others”.
  7. You have to proceed ahead with the second option i.e. PUK for others.
  8. Enter the locked airtel sim number and then your DOB for verification.
  9. Finally, you will see your Airtel PUK Code on the mobile screen.

You can also go through the Airtel USSD Codes to find more shortcodes of the airtel sim and run them to avail of their services instantly.

How To Get Airtel PUK Code Online

You can also visit the Airtel Self-Care portal log in via your Airtel number and get your PUK Code online instantly. But, for this online method, your Airtel sim must not be blocked.

If you are finding any of the methods difficult to follow then either call the Airtel Customer Care Number Toll-Free or visit your nearby Airtel Store. One of them will help you in finding your airtel unlock SIM PIN or PUK Code.

In case you don’t have access to another airtel sim card or smartphone then visit the official website of Airtel company. Navigate to the Support or Contact US page for all the contact details to reach airtel customer service. You will also get the non-airtel customer care number through which you can get your work done with no issue. I have also written a separate article on How To Block Airtel SIM via different methods, so do go through them to find more details on unlocking your airtel sim number.

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FAQs On Airtel Personal Unlocking Key

What is the PUK Code Of Airtel 8-Digit?

The Airtel PUK code is an 8-digit unique number provided for consumer safety. You are asked to enter this code when your Airtel sim gets locked for security concerns or enter the default sim pin wrong thrice.

What is the default Airtel PUK Code or SIM PIN?

You can enter this default Airtel PUK code 1234. If that doesn’t work for you then try this default Airtel sim pin 0000 or 8 times 0. You have three chances to enter the PIN so you can provide all three PINs mentioned here with no problem.

How can I get my Airtel sim PUK code online?

There is no specific online method to get your Airtel PUK Code. However, you can contact Airtel customer support online through their official website and ask them to provide your Airtel sim pin.

How to unlock an Airtel sim card without Puk code

Yes, you enter the default Airtel sim PUK code given in this article and get your locked Airtel sim card unlocked instantly without the need for any 8-digit personal unlocking key code. You can also visit your nearby Airtel store or call the customer care number.

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