Jio PUK Code 8-Digit Number To Unblock SIM 2024

Jio PUK Code 2024: If your Reliance Jio SIM has been blocked due to the wrong PIN entered then you have reached the right place. In this article, I will be showing you how to get your 8-digit PUK Code For your Jio SIM Number to unblock your Jio SIM card that has been blocked for entering the wrong PIN multiple times. You can find your PUK Code Jio Online, by calling the customer care number and by sending an SMS.

It is compulsory to provide a Personal Unlocking Key Code if you have entered the SIM PIN wrong 3 times so that you can unlock your Jio Mobile Number.

How To Get Jio PUK Code Online

  1. First, visit this URL:
  2. Enter your Jio Mobile Number.
  3. Hit the “Proceed” button.
  4. Select the suitable category: Date Of Birth OR Alternate Number.
  5. Enter the selected details.
  6. Click on the Submit option.
  7. The alternate number will be displayed.
  8. Click on the “Generate OTP” option.
  9. Enter the correct OTP and submit it.
  10. Tap on the appropriate PUK Code option.
  11. Now, you will get your Jio PUK Code Unlock Number.

Enter the given PUK Code/ PIN to unlock your blocked Jio SIM instantly. Do note that to get access to your personal unlocking key, it’s necessary to provide your DOB and OTP sent to the alternate mobile number given while buying the SIM.

How To Find Your PUK Code Jio By Customer Care

  1. Dial Jio Customer Care Number: 199
  2. Make a call on the above typed IVR phone number.
  3. Choose your comfortable language.
  4. Get your call connected to a live agent by pressing 9.
  5. Ask the customer care executive to give your Jio PUK Code.
  6. You will be asked to provide your DOB & alternate number.
  7. After verification is completed, the PUK Code Number will be provided.
  8. Use the given PIN to unlock your locked Jio SIM.

As you Jio SIM is locked, you cannot call so use your family or friends Jio number to talk to the Customer care and get your Jio unlock PIN code. You may also be asked to provide OTP sendt to the alternate number for identity verification.

Steps To Get 8-Digit PUK Code For Jio SIM Via My Jio App

  1. Download and install the MyJio app on your smartphone.
  2. Launch the app and login via your Jio number.
  3. Go to Settings > PUK.
  4. Now, you can see your 8-digit Jio PUK Code Number.
  5. This is your Jio SIM PIN Code to unblock the SIM
  6. Simply, enter the PIN to unlock.
  7. Done.

How To Get Jio PUK Code 8 Digit By SMS

As of now, there is no specific way to get your Jio Mobile Number PUK Code by SMS. so, it’s better to try out the My Jio App, Online or the Jio Customer Care Toll-Free Number method. Out of these, the MyJio app is the best way to get your Jio PUK Code Unlock Number within a few seconds. However, you can also call this Jio USSD code *121# and search for the PUK option.

If you don’t want to take the tension of finding the Jio SIM Lock Code by yourself then you can visit the nearest Jio Store or Center and get your Personal Unlocking Key Code. You will be provided with the PUK Code through SMS after document verification.

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So, it’s now easy for you to unlock your Jio number through the PIN code. You can follow any of the methods above to get your Jio Personal Unlocking Key to unblock the locked SIM.

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What is the Jio PUK Code Number?

Reliance Jio PUK Code is a 4-digit or 8-digit personal unlocking key number to unlock your locked SIM for entering the default PIN wrong three times. You can get your PUK Code through the customer care number.

What is the default Jio SIM PIN Code?

The default Jio PUK or SIM Code is 1234 or 000 through which you can unlock your blocked Jio SIM. You can also try out this 8-digit PIN 00000000 for unlocking. If all of these PUK codes don’t work for you then get your unique Puk code by following any of the methods.

How can I unlock my Jio SIM without a PUK Code?

You can unlock your locked Jio SIM by entering the default Jio SIM PIN Code given in this article. If you fail to enter the default PIN wrong three times then you have to get your unique PUK code to unlock it.

Is Jio Personal Unlocking Key 8-digit or 4-digit?

Jio Personal Unlocking Key is 8-digit and the default SIM PIN is 4-digit. The 9-digit Jio PUK code is needed only when you have entered the default pin wrong three times.

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