Jio Data Loan Number & Code 2023

Are you sort of Jio Talktime Balance or Jio Data Balance? If it’s yes, then you can take a Jio Talktime Loan or a Jio Internet Loan depending on your needs. It’s simple to get your Jio Data Loan by just calling a Jio Data Loan Number or Code. Here, you will find the Jio Loan Number to avail of the advanced Jio credit service.

But, you should first know whether the Jio network provides advanced Talktime loan service or not. To your knowledge, Reliance Jio does not provide any loan service to its users across the country. Jio already takes care of its users when it comes to pricing and affordability. All the Jio Talktime recharge and data plans offer more value and service at a low cost than all the existing telecom operators in India.

Even if there are people who cannot afford the lowest Rs 149 plan can buy a Jio phone and enjoy unlimited network service at just Rs 49 for a single month. This applies to those users who do not have a smartphone. Talking about the cost of a Jip phone, it’s just 700 for the base model which is quite enough for general-purpose use.

Jio Data Loan Number & Code

The Jio Data Loan Number is Nil because Jio provides internet loans only through its My Jio App. The Jio emergency data loan repayment is also done using the mobile app only. In the same way, the Jio data Loan Code is Nil just because there is no such code for availing data loans in Jio.

Data Loan in Jio SIMJio Loan Numbers
Jio Data Loan Number 2023N/A
Jio Data Loan CodeN/A
Jio Net Loan NumberN/A
Jio Emergency Data Loan Number

Reliance Jio does not provide any type of data loan service to its users through the USSD Code. However, if your data limit gets exhausted then you can buy a data booster pack starting from Rs 15 which gives 1GB. Jio also provides free data vouchers to its users depending upon many situations like when a customer performs a lengthy high-cost plan recharge before the current plan ends etc.

It’s better to use your current plan sufficiently and avoid any extra use. If you have extra money then you can also recharge your Jio number before the current plan ends. This really helps especially when you are out of the station because Jio provides neither Talk time loan service nor data loan service.

How To Get Emergency Data Loan Via MyJio App

  1. Launch the MyJio app.
  2. Go to the Main Menu by swiping forward.
  3. Click on the “Emergency Data Loan” option.
  4. The Jio Data Loan page will be opened up.
  5. Tap on the “Proceed” option.
  6. You can now see the available Jio Data Voucher loan details.
  7. Finally, click on “Get emergency data”.
  8. Tap on “Activate Now” to confirm that you want to avail Jio internet loan.
MyJio App Data LoanJio Internet Loan Details
Minimum Jio Data Loan AmountRs 15 (1 GB Voucher)
Maximum Jio Data Loan Amount Rs 75 (5 GB Total Each Of 1 GB Voucher)
EligibilityJio Prepaid Smartphone Users
Loan Charge/FeeNo Extra Charges
Reliance Jio Internet Loan Details

Jio Talktime Loan Number & Code

Reliance Jio has not started any type of Talktime loan service. So, there is no such Jio Talktime Loan Number or Code. Don’t waste your time in searching for this in other places.

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FAQs On Jio Advance Data Loan

Who is eligible to avail Jio Emergency Data Loan?

As of now, all Jio prepaid smartphone users are eligible to get an advance data loan facility on their Jio number using the MyJio app.

How many times can I avail myself Jio data loan?

You can avail Jio data loan for a maximum of up to 5 times which in total equals 5GB of data voucher. You cannot exceed this Jio internet loan limit.

Is there any extra charge for availing Jio internet loan?

No, there is no extra charge being taken from Jio for providing advanced Jio data loans to its users. You only need to pay Rs 15 for each 1GB data loan.

How can I repay my Jio advance data loan?

Launch the MyJio app and navigate to the Emergency Data Loan option from the main menu or by clicking on the banner present on the homepage. Tap on Proceed and select Pay followed by doing the online payment to repay your Jio data loan.

What is the Jio 1GB Data Loan Number?

There is no such Jio 1GB data loan number. However, you can use the MyJio app to get a 1GB data loan for Rs 15.

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