Jio Tele Verification Number | Jio SIM Activation Number 2022

Jio Verification Number: Have you bought a new Jio SIM card and want to know how to activate Jio SIM? It is very important to activate your newly purchased Jio Sim mobile number to start using voice calling and data services. There are many ways to complete Jio tele verification including Jio SIM Activation Number, Jio Tele Verification Number, by sending SMS and the online method.

I will be showing you all the three methods to activate your Jio mobile number for new customers, ported or sim replacement users. Jio Sim Card tele verification process is quite easy and simple. Anyone can tele verify their Jio Prepaid or Postpaid Sim card using any of the methods listed below. The most simple way to do this will be by calling the Jio SIM Verification Number.

Jio SIM activation is mandatory for both prepaid and postpaid network types. You have to go through the tele verification after inserting your Jio SIM Card into your smartphone. It is to be noted that you cannot activate Jio sim without a network signal.

Who Are Eligible To Activate their Jio Mobile Number:

  • A new Jio Customer either Prepaid or Postpaid.
  • Those who have ported to Jio.
  • Upgraded your Jio SIM card.
  • Jio Replacement SIM Card.

Points To Focus Before Activating Jio SIM:

  • Jio SIM tele-verification is completelr free of cost.
  • It is compulsory to first activate your Jio Sim to start enjoying voice calling and internet services on your number.
  • You cannot activate Jio sim card online.
  • The genuine method for jio sim tele-verification is calling a number and entering the 5 digit pin or your aadhar number.

So, let’s get started with the Jio Sim activation process.

Jio Tele Verification Number & Code

The Jio Tele Verification Number is 1977 on which you have to make a call after inserting your Jio SIM in the smartphone. This Jio Verification Number is toll-free and available 24×7 and 7 days a week.

Jio SIM Tele Verification DetailsJio SIM Verification Number
Jio Tele Verification Number1977
Jio Verification Number1977
Jio SIM Start Number1977
Jio SIM Activation Number1977
Reliance Jio SIM Activation Numbers

Activate Jio SIM By Calling Jio Verification Number

  1. First, insert your Jio SIM card into your smartphone.
  2. Check for the Jio network signals to display on the screen.
  3. Dial this Jio Verification Number: 1977
  4. Make a call on the above jio tele-verification number.
  5. Enter the 5-Digit T-PIN received on your alternate number given during buying.
  6. You can also enter the last 4-digit your Aadhar Number.
  7. You have now successfully activated your Jio SIM for voice calling and data services.
  8. Restart your smartphone once to get better results.
  9. That’s it, done.

If you are not able to find the 5 digit activation PIN or you have lost it, you can simply enter the last 4 digit of your Aadhar number for completing the customer tele-verification process. The Jio Phone users can also apply the same above method to activate their SIM. Follwoing the above method, you will be able to activate all the services on your Jio mobile number.

How To Activate Jio SIM Mobile Number [Data Services Only]

  1. Dial this number from any sim: 1800 890 1977
  2. Make a call on that jio data service activation number.
  3. Select your confortable language.
  4. Enter your Jio mobile number.
  5. You will be asked to either enter T-PIN or Aadhar number.
  6. Confirm the data service activation.
  7. Done.

Jio SIM Tele Verification Via Customer Care Number

  1. Dial this Jio Customer Care Number: 199.
  2. Make a call from your Jio number.
  3. Choose your comfortable language.
  4. Talk to the customer care executive.
  5. Ask him/her to activate your Jio SIM card.
  6. You will be asked to provide the 5 digit T-PIN or last 4-digit of your AAdhar number.
  7. The executive will verify all the details and actiavte your Jio SIM.
  8. Done.

Jio SIM Activation By Visiting Nearby Reliance Jio Store

  1. Vist this link:
  2. Enter your pin code to find the nearest Jio Store.
  3. Take your phone, SIM Card and the required documents.
  4. Go to the Jio Store.
  5. Ask the store representative to activate your Jio SIM.
  6. The store operator will ask for the details and required documents.
  7. Provide the necessary things like OTP, Aadhar Card etc when required.
  8. Once the verification completes, your Jio number will be activated.
  9. Now, you can start using your Jio SIM.

Activate Jio SIM Without OTP Or With Aadhar Card

In order to activate your Jio SIM without OTP, you need to dial the Jio tele verification number 199 and enter the asked OTP wrong. After multiple wrong OTPs, you will be automatically asked to go for Jio Telle Verification With Aadhar Card over the call. Now, enter your aadhar number to activate your Jio SIM without entering the OTP sent to the alternate number.


That’s it, these were the genuine ways to activate your Jio Prepaid or Postpaid SIM card online, via activation number, visiting nearby Jio Store and calling the Jio Customer Care Number. It doesn’t matter you have a new Jio SIM card/upgrading it/porting/replacement, you can tele-verify your Jio number by following the methods given in this article.

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If you are facing any sort of issue while doing Jio Sim tele-verification, do comment below to seek help. You can also go through the Jio USSD code to find out about all its services and their activation shortcodes & numbers.

You might face issues if you are going to activate your Jio SIM Card after a long time, so it’s better to do it as soon as possible especially after porting or recharging. Talking about how long does it take to activate the Jio sim, it’s generally happening within a few minutes or hours.

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