Jio Balance & Data Transfer Code Number 2022

Jio Data Transfer Code 2022 | Jio Balance Transfer Code & Number | How To Transfer My Jio Balance & Data To Another Jio Mobile Number

Do you want to transfer your Jio Balance to another Jio mobile number? If it’s yes, then read this article to know about the Jio balance transfer code and the transferring process too. After reading this post, you will come to know whether you can share your Jio Net Balance with another Jio number or not.

Jio Balance Transfer Code & Number

A jio balance transfer code also is known as sharing code is nothing but a special USSD code that allows you to transfer your balance from Jio to Jio number within seconds. You just need to dial the required Jio to jio balance transfer code to share your Talktime balance or internet balance from your jio to another Jio number.

Jio Talktime Balance Transfer CodesDetails
Jio To Jio Balance Transfer Code 2022Not Announced
Jio Balance Transfer NumberMyJio App
Minimum Sharing BalanceN/A
Minimum Sharing BalanceN/A
Balance Sharing Service Fee/ChargeN/A
Jio Talktime Balance Transfer Codes

How To Transfer Jio Balance To Another Jio Number

Sharing any type of balance like Talktime or the internet is possible only when the company allows you to do it. As of now, Jio has not launched any type of balance transferring services for any customer including both prepaid and postpaid.

Do not waste your time in finding Jio transfer shortcodes because that’s of no use. However, we will notify you through this post, if in the future Jio provides balance transfer codes for their customers. So, visit this article at regular intervals.

There is one feature in the My Jio app using which you can recharge another jio number and redeem vouchers too. But, you have to separately pay for the recharge. This method has bee explained below, go through the steps given below.

Jio Data Transfer Code & Number

As mentioned earlier, Jio has not released any jio to jio data transfer code till now. You cannot transfer data balance from Jio to Jio number. However, you can recharge another Jio number using My Jio app and redeem data vouchers too. But, you have to first link the other Jio number to your My Jio app and then perform the data recharge.

Share Jio Net BalanceJio Data Transfer Code
Jio To Jio Data Transfer Code 2022MyJio App
Jio Data Transfer NumberN/A
Jio Data Share CodeN/A

How To Transfer Jio Data To Another Jio Number

  1. First, Download the My Jio app from the app store.
  2. When the My Jio app installs, launch it.
  3. Login with your Jio mobile number via OTP verification.
  4. In the home section, click on the “Go to telecom section >>”.
  5. Click on the “Link New Account” option and select the Mobile SIM icon.
  6. Enter the Jio number for which you want to recharge.
  7. Complete the OTP verification to add the new Jio number to your My Jio app account.
  8. Now, click on the “Switch Account” button to switch to your new jio connection number.
  9. At last, click on the deep yellow colour “Recharge” button and select the recharge plan.
  10. Finally, complete the payment via Debit/Credit card, UPI, Wallet etc.
  11. Done.

You can again click on the switch account option to switch to your first number. So, this is the only genuine way to recharge and manage another Jio number using the My Jio app.


The ending lines can save your time and efforts too. For your knowledge, Jio does not provide transfer codes to share Talktime or data balance among Jio numbers. However, you can manage other Jio numbers by linking that number to your My Jio app. After linking, you can also recharge on that number. But, you have to separately pay for this.

If you are still facing issues then read the frequently asked questions given below. You are also invited to comment down below if you want to enquire more.

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Can I Transfer Jio Balance To Another Jio Number?

No, there is no such service in Jio to transfer Talktime balance or data. In simple, you cannot transfer balance Jio to Jio. But, you can mange multiple Jio numbers using My Jio app.

What is Jio Talktime Balance Transfer Code?

There is nothing as such Jio Talktime or minutes transfer code. You cannot transfer your Talktime balance to another Jio mobile number.

What is Jio Internet Balance Transfer Code?

There is nothing as such Jio data transfer code. You cannot transfer your data balance to another Jio number. For more details, read this article.

How To Redeem Your Jio Data Voucher On Another Number?

Sorry, it’s not possible to redeem your voucher on any Jio mobile number. The data or any other voucher can be redeemed only on that number for which the voucher was issued or bought.

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