How To Activate/Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding 2021

How To Activate Call Forwarding in Jio SIM For Free 2021 | Start/Stop Jio Call Divert Function | Jio Call Forwarding USSD Code | Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding Codes & Number | Divert All Jio Calls | Enable/Disable Jio Call Diverting Service

Call forwarding or Call Divert is one of the most important services provided by all telecom network companies. Call forwarding allows you to never miss any incoming call in case of mobile phone being switched off, out of coverage area or unreachable, etc. conditions.

In this article, we will be talking about the Call Forwarding facility in Jio SIM. I will show you how to manage call forwarding service on your Jio mobile number. Enabling or disabling call divert in Jio is very easy and can be done within few seconds.

There are basically two methods to either activate or deactivate Jio Call Forwarding which includes Jio Call Forwarding Activate & Deactivate Codes & Number. You can also manage call divert in Jio through the phone’s settings.

You must know that the call forwarding or diver feature depends on your smartphone capability. So, in order to start call forwarding, the phone should support this. Let’s get started with activation/deactivation method details step by step.

How To Activate Call Forwarding in Jio Via Smartphone’s Settings

  1. Open your smartphone phone’s settings.
  2. Go to Apps> System App settings > Call settings.
  3. You can also search for “Call Forwarding” in the search bar.
  4. Click on the “Call-forwarding settings”.
  5. Select your Jio SIM and click on “Voice”.
  6. Choose the desirable call forwarding situation.
  7. Here, I am selecting Always forward.
  8. Enter the number to which you want to diver your calls.
  9. Finally, click on the “Turn on” option.
  10. Done.

Kindly note that this is the fastest and easiest way to start or stop the call forwarding divert feature on your own Jio number. However, this method depends on your smartphone’s compatibility. So, if you don’t find this feature on your phone, you can try on the USSD Code method.

How To Divert By Jio Call Forwarding Activate Code

  1. Launch the dialer app.
  2. Go through the Jio Call Forwarding Codes given in the table below.
  3. Dial the Jio Call Divert Activation Codes.
  4. Make a call to start call forwarding in Jio.
  5. Note that the call forwarding USSD codes are different for different situations.
  6. Done.
Call Forwarding Activate Code DetailsJio Call Forwarding Activation USSD Codes
Jio All Call Forwarding Unconditional Code*401*<10 digit number>
Jio Call Forwarding No Answer Code*403*<10 digit number>
Jio Call Forwarding When Busy Code*405*<10 digit number>
Jio Call Forwarding Not Reachable Code*409*<10 digit number>
Jio Divert Call Activate Codes 2021

How To Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding By USSD Code

  • Open the caller app.
  • Go through the Jio Call Forwarding Deactivate Codes.
  • Select the type of call diverts in Jio SIM.
  • Dial the Jio Call Divert Deactivation USSD Codes.
  • Make a call and wait for confirmation.
  • Done.
Call Forwarding Deactivate Code DetailsJio Call Forwarding Deactivation USSD Codes
Jio Call Forwarding No Conditional Code*402
Jio Call Forwarding For Unanswered Code*404
Jio Call Forwarding For Busy Calls Code*406
Jio Call Forwarding For Unreachable Code*410
Jio Call Forwarding For Alls Calls*413
Jio Call Divert Deactivate Codes 2021

So, these were the two simple methods to start/stop call forwarding facility on your Jio number. The first method i.e. phone’s settings seem to be quite easy and fast. However, the second USSD Code method is also easy but it takes a few more seconds than the first one.

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If you are facing any sort of issue while activating/removing/canceling the Jio call forwarding service on your Jio sim then contact the Jio Customer Care to get rid of this Jio sim card error.


How can I activate call forwarding in Jio?

You can activate call forwarding in Jio by following the methods explained in this article. There are two ways to start Jio call divert which include the USSD code and phone’s settings.

What is Jio Divert Code 2021?

All the Jio divert codes have been listed in the table provided in this article. You can go through that table to find the suitable Jio number divert code and then use it.

How can I divert calls in Jio?

The process of activating the call forwarding service on the Jio number is the same as that of call divert. So, read the article to understand the Jio call divert activating process.

How can I stop Jio call forwarding?

You can stop the Jio sim call forwarding service either by dialing the Jio call forwarding deactivate USSD code or through the smartphone’s settings.

How to divert my all Jio calls?

You can divert all your Jio calls by dialing this USSD code *401*<10 digit number> and then make a call.

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