Jio Value Added Service (VAS): Activate/ Deactivate 2021

How To Activate Value Added Service in Jio SIM 2021 | Jio VAS Services List | Jio VAS Activate USSD Code & Number | Jio VAS Deactivate Code | Start/Stop Jio VAS Services Number

Reliance Jio provides a variety of value added services for its prepaid and postpaid customers. In this article, I will be showing you how to activate/deactivate value added service (VAS) in Jio via mobile app, number, and USSD Code.

There are many VAS services provided by Jio and you can use any one of them or all at once. As we already know that VAS is a paid service so Jio sim value-added service is chargeable. So, it’s better to first go through the VAS charges table and then decide of using it on your own Jio Mobile Number.

Jio VAS Services List

  1. Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards
  2. Real State
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles.
  6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/ Information Technology
  7. Tourism/Travel

So, this is the list of Jio value added services with their serial number which will be used to either activate or deactivate a particular or group of VAS services.

How To Activate Jio VAS Services

  1. First, go through the above Jio VAS list.
  2. Choose the service you want to start and not its serial number.
  3. Create a new message.
  4. Type START serial number.
  5. For example, to activate health VAS service type START 4.
  6. Send the typed message to 1909.
  7. You can also activate more than one VAS at one time.
  8. For example, to start real state & tourism send an SMS typed START 2, 7.
  9. Done.

To start all the Jio VAS services, send START 155223.

Jio VAS Services NameJio VAS Activation Code
Bank /Insurance /Financial /Credit Cards VASSTART 1
Real State VAS Activate USSD CodeSTART 2
Education VAS Activation CodeSTART 3
Health VAS Activation NumberSTART 4
Consumer Goods & AutomobilesSTART 5
Communication /Entertainment/ Information TechnologySTART 6
Traveling/TourismSTART 7
Activate All Jio VAS Services CodeSTART
Jio VAS Activation USSD Codes & Number

How To Deactivate Jio Value Added Services

  1. Launch the phone’s messaging app.
  2. Create a new SMS.
  3. Type this message STOP.
  4. For example, STOP.
  5. Finally, send the message to 155223.
  6. You will get a reply SMS with the list of activated VAS.
  7. Reply with the serial number of that VAS which you want to stop.
  8. Done.

You can also send STOP to 155223 to deactivate all the activated Jio value added service at once.

Jio VAS Deactivate DetailsJio VAS Deactivate USSD Code
Jio VAS Deactivate CodeSTOP to 155223
Jio VAS Deactivate Code

If you are facing any type of issue related to Jio VAS then call this Jio VAS services number 155223. You can also contact the Jio Customer Care Number for solving any issue related to value added services in Jio SIM.

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That’s it, you have now successfully learned the Jio VAS activation and deactivation process. I hope that you will not find it difficult to understand it. Do comment below your doubts or opinion.

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