How To Activate Airtel SIM Via Airtel Tele Verification Number 2022

Are you looking to activate your newly purchased Airtel SIM? Don’t worry, I will be explaining to you all the steps and processes that are required for Airtel SIM Activation either online or offline. There are many methods to activate your 4G Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid SIM which includes online, dialling airtel tele verification number, airtel sim activation number & code, airtel customer care and visiting nearby airtel stores.

Not only you can activate the new Airtel 4G SIM but also you will be able to activate your airtel sim after porting (MNP), upgrading and replacement. Do note that Airtel SIM tele verification is compulsory if you want to enjoy uninterrupted calling and data services on your airtel number.

The airtel sim verification process is simple and fast, you just need to follow one of the methods given here and get your Airtel 4G SIM activated as soon as possible. According to me, the Airtel sim verification number is one of the easiest ways to get your work done.

Eligibility For Airtel SIM Activation:

  • Those who have recently purchased a new Airtel SIM (Preapid or Postpaid).
  • Ported To Airtel Number.
  • Upgraded your Airtel 2G/3G SIM.
  • Airtel SIM Card replacement.

Points To Keep in Mind Before Activating Airtel SIM:

  • Airtel sim tele-verification is free of cost.
  • You cannot access calling and internet services until you activate the sim.
  • Airtel sim cannot be activated online.
  • Airtel sim activation is required for both the prepaid and postpaid users.

So, let’s get started with the Airtel SIM activation process.

Airtel Tele Verification Number

The airtel tele verification number 2022 is 59059 need to be dialled after inserting the airtel sim in your smartphone to activate your airtel mobile number. This airtel verification number is toll-free and works 24 by 7.

Airtel Prepaid SIMAirtel Verification Number 2022
Airtel Tele Verification Number59059
Airtel SIM Verification Number59059
Tele Verification Airtel

How To Activate New Airtel SIM Card

  1. Insret the new airtel sim in your device.
  2. Switch on the phone and wait for the network to come.
  3. Dial this airtel tele-verification number: 59059.
  4. Make a call on the above number.
  5. You will be aksed to provide an OTP sent to alternate mobile number given while purchasing the sim.
  6. Enter the correct OTP.
  7. Congratulation, your airtel sim is now activated for calling and data services.

Do note that it might take about 30 minutes to get your airtel sim activated for full usage. It’s beter your restart your phone after activating your airtel 4G sim. It is also to be noted that you can also provide your 12-digit aadhar number in the place of OTP.

Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid SIMAirtel SIM Activation Code
Airtel SIM Activation Number 202259059
Airtel 4G Activation Code59059
Airtel SIM Card Activation Code59059
Airtel 4G SIM Activation Codes

How To Activate Airtel SIM After Porting

  1. Take out out the old SIM from your device.
  2. Insert the new airtel sim received after porting/upgrading/replacement.
  3. Dial this airtel tele verification number after porting: 59059.
  4. Make a call and listen to the instrurctions.
  5. Either enter the OTP sent to alternate number or 12-digit UID number.
  6. Finally, your sim is fully activated for use.
  7. Done.
Airtel sim activation number after porting59059

Airtel Tele Verification Without OTP

  1. Launch the messaging app.
  2. Create anew SMS.
  3. Enter the 20-digit SIM Card number of your new SIM.
  4. Send the above typed message to 121.
  5. You will now receive a call on.
  6. Listen to instrurctions and reply with 1.
  7. That’s it, your new sim card is now activated.

You don’t need airtel tele verification number without otp to verify your airtel sim card for this method.

Activate Airtel Prepaid SIM By Customer Care Number

  1. Insert the airtel prepaid sim in your smartphone.
  2. Wait for the network to display.
  3. Dial this airtel prepaid sim verifivarion number: 59059.
  4. Listen to instructions carefully and follow it.
  5. At the end, your airtel prepaid number will be activated successfully.
  6. Done.

Activate Airtel Postpaid SIM Via Tele-Verification Number

  1. Airtel postpaid sim card verification is done in two steps.
  2. First, tele-verify your number dialling 59059.
  3. After airtel postpaid sim tele-verification, contact the company for address verification.
  4. One of the airtel execuitive will visit your resident location for address verification.
  5. Complete both the process to fully activate your postpaid connection.
  6. Done.

How To Activate Airtel SIM Which is Deactivated

You can also reactivate your deactivated airtel sim by sitting at your home. According to TRAI, anyone can activate their deactivated sim within 15 days from the date of deactivation. So, in order to get back your sim, you have to apply for activation within the specified period of time. Let’s see the reactivation process:

  • You can request for activation via customer care number or Email ID.
  • You can also visit nearby Airtel store and apply for reactivation request by filling a form.
  • Provide one address proof and a ID proof.
  • An alternate number need to be provided too.
  • You will get confirmation after applying for the airtel sim reactivation.
Airtel Customer Care Number121
Airtel Customer Care Email ID[email protected]
Find Nearby Airtel Store
Airtel SIM Reactivate Details


That’s it, you can now easily get your airtel 2G/3G/4G SIM activated within a few seconds. No matter what type of sim you are using, be it prepaid or postpaid, I have shared all the possible methods to activate your airtel sim card number.

If you have lost your airtel new sim verification code and don’t know how to get tele verification code again in airtel then you can use your aadhar number and DOB to activate the airtel sim without any OTP or code entering needs.

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