How To Activate/Deactivate DND in Airtel 2024

Deactivate DND Airtel | Activate/Deactivate Airtel DND Services | Airtel DND Number & Code To Stop Do Not Disturb Service

Airtel is one of the largest Indian telecom network companies in India. There are various do-not-disturb services provided by Airtel to both prepaid and postpaid sim users. This type of Airtel dnd 2024 service is important when you want to receive promotional messages from 3rd party companies.

In this article, I will explain all the ways to activate or deactivate Airtel DND Services on your Airtel mobile number. There are many methods to start/stop airtel dnd, including USSD Codes, SMS, and online.

The Airtel dnd activation and deactivation process are simple and fast. Any normal or intermediate user can avail of this facility within a few seconds. Although there are many ways to activate the Do-Not-Disturb service, the shortcode method is one of the quickest and easiest.

What is Airtel DND Number & Code

The official airtel dnd number 2024 is 1909, and those looking for an airtel dnd code called short code or USSD Code are not currently available for this airtel do not disturb service. You can call the toll-free DND number to start or stop the desired DND service on your Airtel number.

Airtel DND Number1909
Airtel DND CodeNot Exist

How To Activate DND Services in Airtel

There are three ways to activate Airtel Do Not Disturb services on your number, such as by dialling a USSD Code, sending an SMS, calling a number, and online. Let us see all the ways.

Activate Airtel DND Services By USSD Code:

Airtel has not launched or provided any USSD Code to activate DND services. Do not waste your time finding the Airtel dnd code on the internet. It is better to check the other genuine methods.

Airtel Do Not Disturb Service ActivationAirtel DND Activate Code
Airtel DND Activation CodeN/A
Airtel DND Service Activate Code

Activate Airtel DND Services By Sending SMS:

  1. Open the messaging app.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Type this SMS START <Serial Number>.
  4. For example, send START 3 to activate the Education DND service.
  5. For serial numbers, read the list below.
  6. Finally, send the message to 1909.
  7. Wait for the confirmation reply.

Check out the airtel DND services list below for the serial number:

  • 1. Banking/ Insurance/ Financial Products.
  • 2. Real State.
  • 3. Education.
  • 4. Health
  • 5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles.
  • 6. Entertainment/IT.
  • 7. Travelling.
  • 8. Sports.
  • 9. Religion.
  • 10. Details on new products & services.
  • 11. News alerts.
  • 0. All Blocked.
Airtel DND Activation SMS CodeSTART <Serial Number>
Airtel DND Activate SMS FormatSTART <Serial Number>

Activate Do Not Disturb Services in Airtel By Calling A Number:

  1. Open the caller app.
  2. Dial this airtel dnd number: 1909.
  3. Make a call through your Airtel number.
  4. Listen to the instructions carefully.
  5. Press the appropriate number to start the dnd.
  6. The dnd activation confirmation SMS will be sent.

Start DND Services in Airtel Online:

  1. First, visit this link
  2. Tap on “Click Here” under the Airtel Mobile Services banner.
  3. Enter your Airtel mobile number.
  4. Click on the “Get One Time Password” option.
  5. Enter the correct OTP and log in.
  6. Select your favourite DND service.
  7. Finally, click on the “SUBMIT” option.

How To Deactivate DND In Airtel 2024

You can start the airtel dnd in different ways. You can also deactivate the airtel dnd service by USSD Code, SMS, calling a number, and online.

How To Deactivate DND On Airtel India By IVR Number:

  • Dial this Airtel DND Deactivate Number 1909.
  • Make a call on this number.
  • Listen to the information.
  • Reply with a suitable number to stop Airtel DND.
Airtel DND Service DeactivateAirtel DND Deactivation Number
Airtel DND Deactivate Number 20241909
Airtel DND Stop Number1909
Airtel DND Service Deactivation Number

Deactivate DND Airtel By Sending an SMS:

  1. Create a new SMS.
  2. Type this message “STOP”.
  3. Send the above message to 1909 to deactivate all airtel dnd services.
  4. To stop a specific dnd service, send STOP <serial number>.
  5. Follow the above Airtel dnd SMS format.
  6. For example, to stop health dnd service, send “STOP 4”.
DND Deactivate AirtelAirtel DND SMS Deactivate Format
Airtel DND SMS Format 2024START <serial number> to 1909
Airtel DND SMS Format

Stop DND Airtel By USSD Code:

Airtel does not allow its users to manage DND services through USSD Codes. You need to see other methods to start the dnd service in airtel.

Airtel Do Not Disturb Service DeactivationAirtel DND Deactivate Code
Airtel DND Deactivation Code1909
Airtel DND Service Stop Code1909
Airtel DND Deactivation Number

How To Stop DND in Airtel Online

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click on Airtel Mobile Services.
  3. Log in using your airtel mobile number.
  4. You will be logged in after OTP verification.
  5. Select the “Stop All” checkbox.
  6. Finally, click on the “SUBMIT” option.

How To Remove DND in Airtel

The airtel dnd users can follow any of the methods, including dialling the dnd number, sending SMS and online methods to remove dnd in airtel easily. You can go for any of the three methods which you find simple and fast to perform.

These were the methods to activate or deactivate dnd services on your airtel number. I have explained almost all the possible ways to start/stop Airtel’s do not disturb services. You can also contact the toll-free airtel customer care number to solve any issue.

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FAQs On Airtel Do Not Disturb Services

Is Airtel DND Service free?

Yes, the airtel dnd service is entirely free, you do not have to charge a single penny for using the do not-disturb service on your airtel number.

How can I register a dnd complaint in airtel?

You can call or send an SMS to this airtel dnd number 1909 to register your airtel dnd complaint.

How to disable dnd in airtel?

There are many ways to disable dnd in airtel, including calling the airtel do not disturb number, sending a message or disabling dnd online via the official portal. All the methods have been explained briefly in this article.

Is Airtel Do Not Disturb Service mandatory to use?

No, using the Airtel dnd service is not mandatory. You can deactivate the airtel do not disturb services instantly anytime.

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