Airtel Data Loan Number & Code: Advance Talktime 2022

How To Take Data Loan in Airtel | Airtel Data Loan Number For 1GB | Airtel Advance Data & Talktime Loan Service

Are you looking for an Advance Talktime Loan or Data Loan for your Airtel mobile number? Getting Airtel Credit Loan is very simple using the airtel credit number. In this post, I will be showing you all the ways including the Airtel Data Loan Code, Airtel Loan Number and the Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel does provide its users with advance Talktime loans in emergency cases. It just takes a few minutes to issue your Talktime loan directly in your main account. The same happens with the airtel internet loan too. I will be sharing here all the airtel loan USSD codes.

Who Are Eligible For Airtel Advance Credit Loan Service?

  • You must be an airtel prepaid sim user.
  • The airtel sim must be 90 days old.
  • The account balance must be less than Rs 5.
  • A working phone in which the Airtel sim should be inserted and active.
  • Not having any previous loan due.

Airtel Data Loan Number & Code

The airtel data loan number is 52141 which is needed to be dialled from your airtel number to get data loan instantly credited in your account. You can use this advance internet for emergency data usage.

The airtel data loan code is *141*567# which is a USSD Code also called Short Code. You have to dial this airtel internet loan code to get advacnce1GB, 2GB, 3GB, etc in your airtel number within a few seconds.

Airtel Internet Loan ServiceAirtel Data Loan 4G
Airtel Data Loan Number 202252141
Airtel Data Loan Code*141*567#
Airtel Data Loan USSD Code

How To Get Data Loan In Airtel By Dialing Short Code

  1. Open the phone’s dialer app.
  2. Dial this airtel net loan code: *141*567#
  3. Make a call on the above typed airtel data loan number.
  4. Wait, for the message to appear on the phone’s screen.
  5. At last, confirm your airtel internet loan to get advance 4G data.
  6. Finaly, the data loan will be credited in your airtel number.
  7. Done.

You can also make a call on the number 52141 and get a data loan easily. After availing internet loan, you can use the internet service unless the loan pack finishes.

How To Take Data Loan In Airtel By Calling:

  1. Launch the caller app.
  2. Dial this airtel data loan number: 52141.
  3. Give a call on the above dialled number.
  4. Choose your confortbale language.
  5. Listen to the instructions carefully.
  6. Press the suitable number to take data loan.
  7. In the end, you will receive the required airtel internet loan.
  8. Done.

How To Take 1GB Loan in Airtel Number:

  1. Open your phone’s dialler app.
  2. Dial this airtel 1GB data loan number: *141*567#
  3. Make a call on the above USSD Code.
  4. A pop-up message appears on the screen.
  5. Select the data loan amount as 1GB.
  6. Finally, confirm your airtel data loan.
  7. 1GB of advance 4G Internet gets credited in airtel.

How To Avail Airtel Advance Data Via Thanks App

You can also try out the Airtel Thanks app to get loan in airtel mobile number.For this, you need to first download and install the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone. Now, launch the app, login and navigate to the Services section followed buy a tap on the Advance Internet option.

Airtel Talktime Loan Code & Number

The airtel talktime loan code is *141# that can be dialled to get advance talktime balance in your airtel mobile number ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 100 depending on your elegibility.

The airtel talktime loan number is *141*10# which is Rs 10 Talktime Balance Code. You have to dial this airtel internet loan number to get advance talktime for calling and sending SMS purpose.

Airtel Talktime Balance Loan ServiceAirtel Advance Talktime Loan Code
Airtel Talktime Loan Code 2022*141#
Airtel Talktime Loan Number*141*10#
Airtel Talktime Loan Short Code

How To Take Airtel Advance Talktime Loan By Dialing A Short Code:

  1. Click on the phone’s dialer app icon.
  2. Dial the above Airtel Credit USSD code using Airtel SIM.
  3. A pop-up message will appear on your phone’s screen.
  4. Now, reply with the number 2 (Take Adv Talktime).
  5. Done, wait for the Rs 10 Talktime loan to get credited in your account.
  6. Enjoy and don’t forget to repay it.

How To Get Airtel Talktime Loan By Calling A Number

You can also call on the Airtel Talktime Loan number and get an advance credit loan instantly. Follow the below steps to obtain an emergency Talktime loan:

  1. Open the dialer app and dial this number “52141”.
  2. Listen to instructions given during the IVR call and proceed.
  3. Upon following the instructions successfully, you will receive the Airtel credit balance soon in your account.
  4. Done.

How To Avail Airtel Talktime Balance Loan Using Thanks App

  1. At first, download the Airtel Thanks app from the Play Store or Apple app store.
  2. Launch the My Airtel app and log in to your Airtel account via OTP.
  3. Go to “Services” and select the “Advance Talktime” option.
  4. Finally, confirm that you want to avail advance Rs 10 Talktime.
  5. Done.


Anyone can land in an emergency situation in which his/her Talktime or data balance ends up and the user cannot recharge. For getting out of this situation, Airtel has launched the Airtel Advance Talktime loan service. Any eligible airtel user can avail Talktime loan and data loan anytime without paying.

You have to clear the loan amount by doing a recharge of the required amount. Airtel charges Rs 12 for providing a Rs 10 Talktime balance. Make sure that you cannot apply for a new Talktime loan unless the previous ones are cleared. Talking about the methods to get a loan, you can grab airtel credits by dialling a USSD code, calling on the loan number and using the Airtel Thanks app.

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FAQs On Airtel Loan Service

What is Airtel Advance Talktime Service?

Airtel has launched this loan service to provide its users Talktime worth Rs 10 as a loan and charging for it later. Any eligible airtel user can avail of this Talktime loan.

What is the maximum Talktime Loan That airtel Gives?

Airtel gives Rs 10 Talktime to its eligible users and charges Rs 12 in return when the loaner performs its next recharge. There is only Rs 10 Talktime loan service.

How much airtel charges for providing advance Talktime?

Airtel deducts Rs 12 from the loaner accounts when he/she does their next recharge. The loan amount gets automatically deducted when there is an appropriate amount present in the account.

Does airtel provide data loans?

Yes, Airtel gives internet data loans to its eligible users. You can try out any of the two methods shown in this article to get a data loan. This service may be temporarily stopped.

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