All BSNL USSD Codes: Check Talktime Balance, 4G Data, Validity, Loan, Offers

BSNL USSD Codes List | BSNL Short Codes For All States | Prepaid & Postpaid BSNL SIM Codes & Number 2024

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is popularly known as BSNL in short form. BSNL is a government Indian telecom network company managed by the central government. In this article, I will be providing you with all the latest and working BSNL USSD Codes for checking your BSNL SIM Talktime balance, 5G/4G/3G data balance, special offers, current plan, daily data usage, VAS services, caller tunes, recharge offers validity, BSNL MMI Code List, etc.

You can avail of the data and Talktime loan by dialling a short code. Using BSNL shortcodes, you can access any of its services by dialling some fixed random codes. So, let’s get started.

What are BSNL USSD Codes?

BSNL has launched several USSD Codes for its users to avail of various network services in just a few seconds. These shortcodes start from a star sign and end with an asterisk. You can also call this unstructured supplementary service data, which is nothing but a random number. You have to dial these numbers to avail of any network service in a very short time.

How To Use BSNL Short Codes On Your Phone:

  1. Launch the phone’s caller app.
  2. Find the suitable USSD code from the table below.
  3. Dial the USSD code that you want to run.
  4. Wait for a few seconds for the result to pop out.

BSNL USSD Codes List Prepaid[Check Talktime Balance/Data/Validity]

Find/Check DetailsBSNL Prepaid USSD Codes
BSNL Balance Check USSD Code*123#
BSNL Recharge Check Number*123#
BSNL Balance Check Number*124*1#
BSNL 4G Data Balance Check Code*124#
BSNL Number Check Code*888# | *1# | *555# | *222#
BSNL Validity Check Code*123#
BSNL Caller Tune Service Code*567# | Call On 56700
BSNL Recharge Validity Check Code*123#
BSNL Offer Check Code*124*5#
BSNL Caller Tune Number56700
Activate BSNL VAS Services*543#
Deactivate BSNL VAS Services*543#
BSNL SMS Balance Check USSD Code*123*2#
BSNL Recharge With 18-Digit Coupon Code*124*2#
BSNL Last Call Details Check Code*124*3#
BSNL SIM Block Number1503
Check Your Current BSNL Plan Details*124*4#
BSNL Tele Verification Number1507
BSNL Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code*567*99#
BSNL Talktime Loan USSD Code*518#
BSNL GPRS Internet Settings Code SMS “GPRS” To 53733
BSNL Customer Care Number1503 | 1800 180 1503
Check Your BSNL STV DetailsDial *124# & Reply With 5
Check Your BSNL FNF DetailsDial *124# & Reply With 6
Port BSNL Mobile Number CodeSMS PORT <Mobile Number> To 1900
BSNL DND Number1909
BSNL Main Account Balance & Validity Check Code*123#
BSNL Balance Transfer USSD Code*567*99#
BSNL Special Offers Check Code*124*5#
BSNL Missed Call Alert Number**62*+9117010
Check BSNL Best Offers For Your Number*124*5# & Reply With 2
BSNL Call Forwarding Number**21**<Mobile Number>#
BSNL Check Your Last 5 Call DetailsSMS “HISTORY” To 123
BSNL APN SettingsSMS GPRS To 53733
BSNL Minutes Balance Check Code*123*2#
BSNL ISD Activation CodeSMS ACT <Your Name> To 53733
BSNL Balance Enquiry USSD Code*124*1#
BSNL Recharge With Paper Coupon Code*123*2*<Voucher Code>#
BSNL Data Balance Check USSD Code*124*1#
BSNL USSD Codes Lists

BSNL SMS Based Self Care Service Text Keywords

USSD DetialsBSNL Short Codes
BSNL Modify Tariff Plan Check CodeSMS <MTP> To 123
BSNL Current Tariff Plan Check CodeSMS < CTP> To 123
BSNL List Tariff Plan Check CodeSMS <LTP> To 123
BSNL Help MessageSMS <HELP> To 123
BSNL Modify Language Check CodeSMS <MLANG> To 123
BSNL Bundle List Check CodeSMS <STVHELP> To 123
BSNL Bundle Subscription Check CodeSMS <STVSUB> To 123
BSNL FnF View Check CodeSMS <FNFVIEW> To 123
BSNL FnF ADD Check CodeSMS <FNFADD> To 123
BSNL FnF Modify Check CodeSMS <FNFMOD> To 123
BSNL Balance Enquiry Check CodeSMS<BAL> TO 123
BSNL Scratch Card Recharge Check CodeSMS <SCR> To 123
BSNL Last 5 Calls Details Check CodeSMS <HISTORY> To 123
BSNL Third Party Recharge Check CodeSMS <TPR> To 123
BSNL Bundle Enquiry CodeSMS <STVINFO> To 123
BSNL SMS Short Codes

BSNL Short Codes State Wise

There are some states for which BSNL has provided separate USSD codes. For example, BSNL users of states like Kolkata, West Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Bihar, Rajasthan etc. have to dial a particular shortcode for availing the USSD service. Let’s see all the USSD codes of all the states.

Rajasthan BSNL Users

Check Data Balance & ValidityDial *123#

BSNL Users in Assam, West Bengal & North East Zones

Check Data Balance & Validity*123*10#
Check Night Balance & Validity*123*8#
Check Data UsageSMS “USAGE DATA” To 53738
Check Onnet Offnet Free Minutes*123*9#

BSNL Users In Maharashtra (MH) & Goa

Check Balance & ValidityDial *112#

BSNL Users In Andhra Pradesh (AP)

*124# – Check Data Balance, Validity & STV Enquiry
IVRS Number – 123

Uttar Pradesh (UP) BSNL Users


BSNL SIM Users in Tamil Nadu

*124# – Check Data Balance, Validity & STV Enquiry
SMS “DATA3G” To 53733
SMS “DATA2G” To 53733

Karnataka State Users

*124# – Check Data Balance, Validity & STV Enquiry





How To Use My BSNL Mobile App To Manage Your BSNL SIM Connection

Yes! You can use the BSNL official smartphone app to manage your BSNL account. The app is available on all the popular app stores, including Google’s Play Store and the iPhone’s App Store. If you are an Android user or an iPhone, you can now easily manage your BSNL postpaid and prepaid connections. Let’s see how to manage a BSNL account via the app:

  1. First, Download the My BSNL app from the app store, depending on the smartphone’s platform.
  2. Launch the BSNL mobile app and allow all the permissions being asked.
  3. Enter your BSNL mobile number and log in via OTP.
  4. Now, you will be logged into your BSNL connection dashboard.
  5. All the details related to your BSNL prepaid or postpaid connection will be displayed on the screen.
  6. You can also track your daily data usage and Talktime balance.

Features Of My BSNL Mobile App

  • Easy and fast to manage your BSNL prepaid/postpaid and broadband connection.
  • Get a postpaid bill inquiry.
  • Pay your postpaid/prepaid/GSM/CDMA/Landline connection bill.
  • Get access to bill payment history.
  • Upgrade your current plan.
  • Exclusive offers for app users.
  • Instantly book for a new connection.
  • Recharge your BSNL number.


Here, we come to the end of this article. I tried my best to include everything related to BSNL USSD codes. Using shortcodes for managing your account details has now become very old. I find the My BSNL app much better and faster to manage your BSNL SIM connection. The app lets you manage your prepaid or postpaid connection with ease.

The app provides more details and services than the USSD code feature. You are wise enough to make a better choice. I hope that you are satisfied with the details provided here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to find Working BSNL USSD Codes?

You can visit this site for genuine and working USSD codes of any Indian operator. Here, we provide the latest and tested shortcodes of all the Indian telecom companies.

What can I use other than BSNL short codes?

You can use the My BSNL mobile app on your smartphone to manage your BSNL prepaid and postpaid connection. The app method is fast and effective. According to me, using the app is better than dialling the USSD codes.

How to check BSNL’s Main Talktime Balance & validity?

Dial this USSD code *123# to check your Main balance and validity. You can use the official My Bsnl app to check the Talktime balance.

How Can I check BSNL Internet Balance & daily data usage?

Dial this USSD code *124# to check your BSNL 3G/4G data balance with its usage and validity. The BSNL mobile app gives the net balance and daily data usage details.

How can I check for offers for my BSNL number?

Launch the caller app, dial this short code *124*5# & reply with 2 to find all the latest and upcoming offers only for your BSNL number.

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