BSNL Call Forwarding Code: Activate/Deactivate Divert Calls

How To Activate/Deactivate Call Forwarding in BSNL | BSNL Call Forwarding USSD Code & Number | Start/Stop BSNL Call Divert To Any Mobile Number Feature

BSNL Call Forwarding service can be very important when your number will be switched off, out of coverage area, busy on another call, not able to pick up the call, etc. There are many ways to divert bsnl calls to any operator like Airtel, Jio & Vi and landline number including phone’s settings and USSD Codes.

In this article, I will be explaining to you the different methods to start/stop call forwarding on your bsnl mobile number and how to divert your BSNL calls. Normally, there are two ways to do this is i.e. through the phone’s settings menu and USSD Code number.

How To Activate BSNL Call Forwarding Via Phone’s Settings

  1. Go to your phone’s settings menu.
  2. Move to Aps> System App Settings> Call Settings.
  3. Click on the Call-forwarding settings option.
  4. Select your BSNL SIM.
  5. Tap on the “Voice” option.
  6. Choose the BSNL Call Forwarding Condition.
  7. I am selecting here: “Always Forward”.
  8. Enter the mobile number to which you want to divert your BSNL calls.
  9. Finally, click on the “Turn On” option.
  10. Done.

Activate Call Forwarding in BSNL By USSD Code

  1. Launch the caller app on your phone.
  2. Dial the bsnl call forwarding activate code.
  3. The code is given in the table below.
  4. Make a call on the dialed USSD Code.
  5. Wait, for the code to get processed.
  6. Confirm the activation.
  7. Done.
BSNL Call Forwarding ConditionsBSNL Call Forwarding USSD Codes
Always Forward All BSNL Calls**21**<Mobile Number>#
Forward Calls When You Are Busy On Another Call**67*<Mobile Number>#
Forward Call When Unanswered/Not Responding To Incoming Calls**61*<Mobile Number>#
Forward Calls When Phone Switched Off/ Out Of Network**62**<Mobile Number>#
Cancel All The Above Call Divert Conditions ##002#
BSNL Call Forwarding Codes

How To Deactivate BSNL Call Forwarding

There are two ways to deactivate call forwarding on your bsnl number including smartphone’s settings and bsnl deactivation ussd codes. Let’ see both of the methods below.

Deactivate BSNL Call Forwarding From Settings:

  1. Open your phone’s settings.
  2. Go to Aps> System App Settings> Call Settings.
  3. Choose the BSNL SIM.
  4. Click on the activated call forwarding condition.
  5. Switch to the “Turn Off” option.
  6. Done.

Deactivate Call Forwarding in BSNL SIM By USSD Code:

  1. Dial the bsnl call forwarding the deactivate code.
  2. Find the deactivation ussd codes in the table.
  3. Make a call on the number.
  4. Confirm your bsnl call divert deactivation.
  5. Done.
BSNL Call Forwarding Deactivation ConditionsBSNL Call Forwarding Deactivate Codes
BSNL All Calls Forwarding Deactivate Code##21#
BSNL Busy Calls Forwarding Deactivate Code##67#
BSNL Unanswered Calls Forwarding Deactivate Code##61#
BSNLNo Signal Calls Divert Deactivate Code##62#
BSNL Call Forwarding Deactivate Codes

BSNL Call Divert Check Status Codes

These are the BSNL SIM Call forwarding status check USSD Codes to know the current situation of your call diverts feature on your number. Run the codes given below to check the status.

BSNL Call Divert Check StatusBSNL Call Divert Status Codes
Divert For All Incoming Calls*#21#
Divert For Unanswered Calls*#61#
Divert For Out Of Reach/Coverage, Switch Off Calls*#62#
BSNL SIM Call Divert Codes

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How can I divert my BSNL Number calls?

You can divert all your bsnl sim calls to any other operator you like via your smartphone’s settings or dialing a USSD Code given in this post.

How to cancel all diverts in BSNL?

You can cancel all the activated divert calls by dialing this USSD Code ##002#. You can also do this by turning off the call forwarding feature in the phone’s settings.

Is BSNL call forwarding service free?

Yes, BSNL call forwarding to any number including all the network operators, landline number, etc is totally free of cost no matter you are a prepaid or postpaid customer.

How can I forward my BSNL calls to landline number?

The methods including USSD Code & phone settings used to activate call forwarding in BSNL are the same for landline too. You just need to enter your bsnl landline number in the mobile number field.

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