BSNL Talktime & Data Loan Code & Number 2022

BSNL Loan Code & Number 2022 | BSNL Emergency Data Loan | BSNL Data Loan Code | How To Get Loan in BSNL SIM | BSNL Loan Number

Are you a BSNL SIM user and short of Talktime balance or Internet data pack? If it’s true, then you can avail of the advance BSNL Talktime Loan or BSNL Data Loan using the BSNL Loan Code. I will be guiding you through this post so don’t worry about the steps required for taking the advance credit loan.

Earlier, BANL used to provide only Rs 10 credit loans. But, now BSNL provides loans in four denominations including Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 30 and Rs 50. Apart from the BSNL Loan Number, you can also try out other methods like SMS, My BSNL mobile app and the online to apply for advance Talktime service.

Who are eligible for BSNL Emergency Loan Service?

  • You must be a BSNL prepaid user.
  • This service is not available for BSNL postpaid users.
  • The BSNL SIM connection must be 90 days old or more.
  • You must not have any previous loans due.
  • The account balance must be very low.

BSNL Loan Code & Number

The official bsnl loan code 2022 is *511*7# which can be dialled to avail advance Talktime and data loan on your bsnl mobile number. You need to dial this bsnl loan ussd code and confirm your emergency loan.

BSNL Emergency LoanBSNL Loan Numbers
BSNL Loan Code*511*7#
BSNL Loan Number 2022*511*7#
BSNL Credit Code*511*7#

BSNL Talktime Loan Code

BSNL Advance Talktime DetailsBSNL Talktime Loan USSD Code
BSNL Talktime Loan Code*511*7#
BSNL Advance Talktime Loan Number*511*7#
BSNL Talktime Loan Number

How To Get Advance Talktime Loan in BSNL By USSD Code:

  1. Open your phone’s caller app.
  2. Dial the above BSNL Loan Code given in the table and make a call.
  3. Wait for the short code to get processed and a pop-up message to appear on your phone’s screen.
  4. Now, select the loan amount that you want to take: Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 30 & Rs 50.
  5. Submit your final response.
  6. Done, the loan amount will be immediately credited in your BSNL account.
  7. Enjoy and don’t forget to repay the loan.

Note that you can avail the BSNL loan service only using a special USSD Code or shortcode. There are no other methods for this. So, don’t waste your time in looking for other ways. However, you can try out the My BSNL mobile app once to find out if there are loan options available or not.

BSNL Data Loan Code & Number

BSNL Emergency Data LoanBSNL Internet Loan Code
BSNL Data Loan CodeN/A
BSNL Data Loan NumberN/A
BSNL Data Pack Loan Number

As of now, BSNL has not launched any service that provides data loan. You can only get Talktime loan that too when you meet the required conditions. In simple words, you cannot take an internet data loan because there is no such service for providing this.

How To Get Data Loan in BSNL:

  1. Open your phone’s dialler app.
  2. Dial this bsnl data code: *511*7#
  3. Wait for the bsnl internet laon ussd code to get processed.
  4. Choose the data loan amount: 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, etc.
  5. Reply with the suitable number.
  6. Confirm your bsnl net loan.
  7. Done.


If your account balance has finished and you find no place for doing a recharge, then you can take the BSNL advance credit Talktime loan in case of an emergency. You just need to dial a special USSD code to take the loan within few seconds.

One thing to be noted is that you have to repay the loan amount too. Obviously, BSNL will charge you more than the loan amount that you took. In addition to this, you cannot apply for the second Talktime or data loan if your first loan is not cleared yet. Still, if you have a doubt, you can clear them by reading the faqs given below.

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FAQs On BSNL Loan Service

What is BSNL Advance Talktime Loan Service?

BSNL advance Talktime loan service provides you free Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 30 & Rs 50 talktime without charging you at that time. Any eligible BSNL SIM user can avail this service in case of an emergency.

What is The BSNL Loan Repayment Amount?

BSNL will charge you extra Rs 2 to 3 on the loan amount that you took. For example, if you took Rs 10 credit loan then you will be charged Rs 12 or Rs 13 and the same with the rest of the loan amounts.

What is The Maximum BSNL Talktime Loan Amount?

You can avail loan upto Rs 50 that too instantly without paying. The minimum loan amount is Rs 10 and the maximum is Rs 50.

Do BSNL provides Data loans too?

No, BSNL has not launched any data loan service till now. So, don’t waste your time in finding ways to get data loan.

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