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Do you want to check your BSNL Mobile number? Don’t know how to check BSNL Number? Then, this post is for you. Any BSNL SIM user can check their mobile number via USSD Code, My BSNL mobile app, online, etc.

Checking your own BSNL sim number via the bsnl no check code is one of the simple and fast methods to know your number. Dial the BSNL own number check code, and your bsnl mobile number displays. I will discuss almost all the possible methods to find your bsnl sim number. Let’s get started.

BSNL Number Check Code Number

BSNL Phone Number Check DetailsBSNL Mobile Number Check Code
BSNL Number Check Code 2024*888# | *1# | *555# | *222#
BSNL SIM Number Check Code*222#
BSNL No Check Code*555#
BSNL Own Number Check Code

How To Check BSNL Number By Code

  1. First, launch your phone’s dialer app.
  2. Dial the USSD code given above in the table and make a call.
  3. You will instantly see a pop-up message showing your BSNL number.
  4. Note down or save your phone number for future use.

Using the BSNL Mobile Number Check Code to find your BSNL SIM number is easy and simple. Do note that sometimes the USSD code takes more than the estimated time, so be patient.

How To Check BSNL Mobile Number Via My BSNL App

Yes! You can also use the BSNL official mobile application to check your number. Follow the steps below to find out your mobile number:

  1. Download the My BSNL app from the app store and install it.
  2. After the installation is complete, launch the mobile app.
  3. Login to your BSNL prepaid/postpaid account.
  4. You will see your BSNL mobile number printed on the app’s home screen.

How To Check BSNL Mobile Number Owner Details Online

If you own a desktop or laptop, try this method to find your BSNL phone number. Note that you must have basic internet knowledge and a data pack to follow this method. Let’s see the required steps:

  • First, visit the BSNL online portal:
  • Go to the “Sign In” option.
  • Now, enter your user ID and password. (If you are new, first sign up to generate your user ID and password)
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button to log in to your BSNL Prepaid/Postpaid account.
  • Now logged into your BSNL GSM/CDMA account.
  • Go to your dashboard to find out your BSNL SIM number.

How To Check BSNL Number Details By Calling Customer Care

If any of the methods explained above don’t work, try this one. This method is best for people who do not have internet knowledge and possess a simple keypad phone. However, simple keypad phone users can also use the USSD code service to check their BSNL SIM number. So, let’s see the mobile number checking process:

  1. Take your Simple keypad phone or smartphone.
  2. Now, dial the BSNL customer care number.
  3. Call 1503 from your number and 1800 180 1503 from another number.
  4. Connect to the customer care executive and ask for your number.
  5. In case you have a Talktime balance in your bsnl sim, call one of your family/friend members.
  6. Ask your friend or family member to tell your bsnl sim phone number.
  7. Done, enjoy.

How To Know BSNL Number

Many bsnl users don’t know their bsnl number and search online for this query, “How To Know My BSNL Number. So, I have brought an article here, which is the ultimate solution to knowing your bsnl mobile number within a few seconds at your fingertips. To know your BSNL SIM Number, you can follow any of the methods explained in this article.


I hope that now you will know your BSNL SIM number. I tried to explain all the possible ways to find your BSNL Mobile number.

The methods include USSD Code, My BSNL Mobile App, Online, and Calling. According to me, the mobile number checking code is the best and fastest way to know your BSNL number.

However, you can also try other ways, like using the mobile app and calling customer care or family members. These ways are also better if the USSD code method doesn’t work due to network issues. If you have any doubts, read the FAQs given below.

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What is the BSNL Mobile Number Check Code?

The BSNL mobile number check code is *222#. You need to dial this USSD code to know your bsnl sim number within a few seconds on your mobile screen.

How To Check BSNL Postpaid SIM Number?

If you are a bsnl postpaid user, try the prepaid method to know your bsnl number. However, you can check your monthly bill to know your bsnl number.

How To Check BSNL SIM Owner Name?

You can use the My BSNL mobile app or log to the bsnl online portal to know the bsnl number owner’s name. You can also check the bsnl sim owner’s name by seeing the bill in which the full name will be printed.

Is My BSNL Number Activated Or Deactivated?

Insert your sim into a device and check for the network. If there is a network, call any number to see if it connects. You can also call the bsnl customer care from any other number and ask whether your nsnl number is active or not. You have to provide all the sim-related details for verification.

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