BSNL DND Number & Code Activation/Deactivation 2023

How To Activate BSNL Do Not Disturb Services Via USSD Code, SMS & Online | Deactivate BSNL DND Code & Number

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited allows both prepaid and postpaid users to activate do not disturb services. BSNL DND Activation 2023 on your BSNL mobile number will block all unwanted or spam calls from calling you.

BSNL DND feature is very helpful if you are annoyed with unknown calls from different companies. The BSNL DND Deactivation and Activation process is simple and fast and can be done by sending an SMS to a BSNL DND Number or calling an IVR number. You can also dial the BSNL DND Code to start/stop do not disturb services on your BSNL Number.

In this article, I will be showing two ways to start/stop bsnl dnd on your bsnl number. You will also be getting to see the bsnl dnd services list here. So, let’s get started.

BSNL Do Not Disturb (DND) Services List:

  • 1. Banking/ Insurance/Finance
  • 2. Real State
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Health
  • 5. Automobile & Consumer Products
  • 6. IT/Communication/Entertainment
  • 7. Travel & Tourism
  • 0. Fully Blocked

Note down the serial number of the dnd service or services you want to start or stop. The serial number will be used while activating/deactivating your desired dnd service by SMS.

BSNL DND Number & Code

BSNL DND Number 20231909

BSNL DND Activation 2023

There are two methods to activate bsnl do not disturb services including SNS and IVR calls. The online method is also there but it’s not working for now.

Activate DND in BSNL By USSD Code:

As of now, there is no shortcode available for BSNL to activate dnd services by running it. However, you can check out other methods to get your work done.

BSNL DND Service ActivationBSNL DND Activation Code
BSNL DND Activate Code1909
DND Activation BSNL

How To Activate DND In BSNL By Sending an SMS:

  1. First, go through the dnd services list.
  2. Note down the serial number of the service you want to activate.
  3. Open the SMS app on your phone.
  4. Create a new message.
  5. Type a message in this format: START<Serial Number>
  6. For example, type START3 to activate the Education dnd service.
  7. Finally, send the message to 1909.
  8. Done, wait for the confirmation message.

DND Activation BSNL By IVR Call:

  1. Launch the caller app.
  2. Dial this bsnl dnd number: 1909
  3. Listen to the recorded voice instructions.
  4. Reply with the appropriate number.
  5. Confirm your bsnl dnd service activation.
  6. Finished.
DND BSNLBSNL DND Activation Number
BSNL DND Activate Number1909
BSNL DND Services Activation Number

Activate BSNL Do Not Disturb Services Online:

  1. Go to the official bsnl portal.
  2. Login via your bsnl number.
  3. Go to DND services.
  4. Select the service you want to activate.
  5. Finally, submit your preference.
  6. Done.

How To Deactivate DND in BSNL

There are only two ways to deactivate bsnl dnd services which include SMS and IVR call. The bsnl dnd deactivation process is very quick when you opt for the SMS method to stop.

BSNL DND Deactivate By SMS

  1. Launch the messaging app.
  2. Create a new SMS.
  3. Type this keyword STOP in the message body.
  4. Send STOP to 1909.
  5. Wait for the reply message to come.
  6. Done.

BSNL DND Deactivation By IVR CALL:

  1. Dial this bsnl dnd deactivate number: 1909
  2. Make a call on this number.
  3. Listen to the voice instructions carefully.
  4. Press the suitable number.
  5. Confirm the bsnl dnd deactivation.
  6. The selected dnd service is now stopped.
  7. Done.
Deactivate DND BSNLBSNL DND Service Deactivation Number
BSNL DND Deactivation Number1909
BSNL DND Deactivate Code

There is also an online method you can opt for to deactivate bsnl do not disturb service on your phone number. The best way to manage your dnd services on your number is by using the My BSNL Mobile app.

In case you are facing any problem while starting/stopping dnd service in bsnl then contact the BSNL Customer Care Number Toll-Free and get your issue resolved.

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Is BSNL DND service chargeable?

No, the BSNL Do Not Disturb services are completely free and there is not any charge to activate/deactivate this via SMS or IVR call.

How many days does it take to stop dnd service?

It can take up to 7 working days to stop unwanted messages and calls completely from receiving.

How can I start BSNL Do Not Disturb service on my number?

You can start bsnl dnd service on your number by either sending a message START to 1909 or by calling on this toll-free IVR number.

Can I activate BSNL DND on the landline?

No, the BSNL DND service is only available for mobile users and landline users cannot get the benefit of this service.

How to check BSNL DND status?

BSNL DND status check can be done online by visiting this link Login via your bsnl number to check the do not disturb status.

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