How To Block BSNL SIM Card Number 2021

Do you want to block your BSNL SIM card? If it’s yes, then you have reached the right place. In this article, I will be showing you how to block your BSNL SIM (Prepaid/Postpaid) number online, sending SMS and by calling a customer care number.

There might be many reasons for blocking your airtel number including your bsnl sim getting lost, porting, upgrading and applying for a new bsnl sim replacement. Lost bsnl sim is the most common reason for blocking it.

You can also deactivate your bsnl sim by calling another (Non-BSNL) number. BSNL SIM Deactivation is easy and fast and anyone can do it. If your smartphone gets lost or damaged, you can block the inserted bsnl number and apply for a new bsnl duplicate sim with the same bsnl number. You will be taught everything related to BSNL SIM Blocking and Suspension/Deactivation.

Requirements To Block BSNL SIM:

  • Desktop/laptop for online method.
  • BSNL Block SIM Customer Care Number.
  • BSNL CSC/telecom office/store for offline blocking.

Let’s start with the bsnl sim number blocking procedure.

How To Block BSNL SIM Card

  1. Launch your phone’s dialler app.
  2. Dial the BSNL Customer Care Number: 1503.
  3. Dial this non-bsnl number 1800 345 1500 if you dialling from other network.
  4. Make a call on the required bsl sim block customer care number.
  5. Get your call connected to the customer care execuitive.
  6. Ask the representative to block your bsnl number.
  7. Provide details like your name, DOB and address, last 5 calls, etc.
  8. After identity verification, your bsl sim card will be blocked.
  9. Done.
BSNL SIM Deactivate Details BSNL SIM Block Numbers
BSNL SIM Block Customer Care Number1503
Non-BSNL Block Number (Other-Network) 1800 345 1500
BSNL SIM Deactivate Number

Steps To Block BSNL Number Online

  1. Sign in to your email account.
  2. Create a new mail.
  3. Type “Block My BSNL SIM” in the subject.
  4. In the body, enter that you want to get your bsnl sim blocked.
  5. Also, add reason for blocking in the mail body.
  6. You can also add details like your DOB, Address, Last call and recharge details, etc.
  7. Upload all the required document in PDF format that proofs that you own the sim.
  8. Finally, send the mail to this bsnl customer care mail id: [email protected].
  9. Wait for the reply mail for updtaes.
  10. Done.

Make sure that you are providing all the necessary details including the necessary document proofs in the mail.

Deactivate BSNL Number By Visiting Customer Service Center (CSC)

  1. Locate your BSNL CSC near you.
  2. Take your document proof along with you.
  3. Visit the bsnl customer service center.
  4. Ask the center operator to block your bsnl sim.
  5. Submit the necessary id proofs.
  6. Give details like call history, last recharge, etc.
  7. After verification, your sim will be temporarily blocked.
  8. Now, you can apply for bsnl duplicate sim.
  9. Done.

How To Apply For BSNL SIM Replacement After Blocking

When you block your bsnl prepaid or postpaid number, your sim gets temporarily deactivated for a period of time. You have to apply for the duplicate bsnl sim within the specified period before your sim gets permanently blocked. Follow the steps below to apply for a new bsnl sim with the same number:

  1. Visit your nearest BSNL CSC.
  2. Provide details like SMS, mail, receipt, etc. that shows your sim has been blocked.
  3. Ask the center operator to apply for sim replacement.
  4. Submit one ID and Address Proof.
  5. You bsnl number will be unblocked and the new sim with the same number will be issued.
  6. Get the new bsnl sim card and insert in your phone.
  7. Restart your device and complete bsnl sim tele-verification.
  8. Now, your duplicate bsnl sim is ready for use.

That’s it, these were the genuine methods to deactivate your bsnl sim card of both network types including prepaid and postpaid. You can choose any of the deactivation methods provided in this article to block your bsnl number. In addition to this, I have also shown you the process to unblock your bsnl number and apply for the duplicate bsnl sim card.

You learnt about BSNL SIM Card number blocking, unblocking, deactivation, activation, duplicate and sim replacement process and other important details related to these services. You can also contact the BSNL Toll-Free Customer Care Number for seeking any type of help. You can also go through the BSNL USSD Codes List to know more about its various services, offers and manage your bsnl account.

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FAQs On BSNL SIM Deactivation

How can I Block My BSNL SIM Online?

You cannot block your bsnl sim card online because the company does not provide this facility. However, you can do this either by calling the customer care number or visiting nearby bsnl CSC.

Is My BSNL SIM Card Temporarily Or Permanently Blocked?

When you block your bsnl sim it gets blocked temporarily for a specified period of time. And when you don’t apply for unblocking or new sim replacement within the given time, your sim gets deactivated permanently.

Is There Any Charge For Deactivating BSNL SIM Card?

No, the bsnl sim deactivation is completely free of cost. You don’t need to pay any charge to block your bsnl number.

How Can I Get A New BSNL SIM With The Old Number?

You can visit the nearest bsnl csc and apply for a new sim replacement to continue using your old number. The entire process has been explained in this article.

How To Activate BSNL SIM After Blocking?

You can activate your blocked BSNL sim card by inserting the duplicated bsnl sim in your phone and calling the customer care number. Provide the necessary details to activate your bsnl number.

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