How To Activate/Deactivate VAS in Vi 2023

Deactivate Value Added Services in Vi SIM Online, By sending SMS and using Vi Mobile App| How To Manage Your Active VAS in Vodafone idea | Vi VAS List | Deactivate Vi VAS | Stop Vodafone idea SIM Value Added Services 2023

Do you own a Vi SIM and don’t know to manage your value-added service on this network? If it’s yes, then you have stepped into the right place. In this article, I will show you the process to manage all your VAS Services Vi (Activate & Deactivate) using the official Vi app, sending SMS and online.

It’s easy to start and stop your favourite VAS on your Vi Mobile Number. You have to follow this guide to know the whole VAS Activation/Deactivation process. First, we will provide you with All Vi Value Added Service Lists and then fall into the start/stop methods.

Vi Value Added Service List 2023

Vi VAS List Names
Vi Caller Tunes And Hello Tunes
Vi Profile Tunes
Vi Movies And TV
Vi Voice Chat
Vi Star Talk
Vi Services
Vi Games
Vi Astrology
Vi Name Tunes
Vi Do It Yourself
Vi Sports Pack
Vi USSD Codes List
Vi Contests
Vi Conference Call
Vi DND Services
Vi VAS List

How To Activate VAS in Vi SIM

There are many ways to activate Vi VAS, including online, Vi app and by sending SMS. You can use any of these three ways to start VAS on your Vi SIM Number.

Activate VAS in Vi Using Vodafone Idea Mobile App:

  1. Download the Vi mobile app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the Vi application and launch it.
  3. Log in to the app by entering your Vi number.
  4. Find the VAS option in the main menu.
  5. Now, you can see all the Vi VAS services listed.
  6. Select the VAS service you want to activate.
  7. Confirm the activation.
  8. Done.

How To Activate SMS Service in Vi:

  1. Open the SMS app.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Type START in the message body.
  4. Finally, send the message to 155223.
  5. The VAS service will be activated soon on your Vi SIM number.
  6. Done.

If you want to start or stop a particular Vi VAS service by sending an SMS then go through the SMS codes given in the table below and send the SMS Keyword to 144 (Prepaid users) or 199 (Postpaid users).

VAS ServicesActivation SMS CodesDeactivation SMS CodesPrepaid/Postpaid
Start Vi TVTVCAN<space>TVALLBoth
Details On World Calling cardWCCNABoth
Start Missed Call AlertsACT<space>MClCAN<space>MClBoth
1 Month BillBILL<space> name of the monthNAPrepaid
Start Postpaid BillingACT<space>IBCAN<space>IBPostpaid
Start Prepaid BillingACT<space>BILLCAN<space>BILLPrepaid
Get Roaming RatesROAM<space>country nameNABoth
Find Offers on Vi TuesdayTUESDAY to 56789 (RS 5/SMS)NABoth
Start Call FilterACT<space>CFSCAN<space>CFSBoth
Start Call Filter LiteACT<space>SCLM10CAN<space>SCLM10Both
Start International RoamingACT<space>IRCAN<space>IRPostpaid
Start Enhanced Voicemail ServiceAACT<space>VMSCAN<space>VMSPostpaid
Popular VAS Services Like Astro, Entertainment, Sports, Utilities etc.START to 321STOP to 321Both
Vi VAS Service SMS Codes

How To Deactivate Value Added Services in Vi (Vodafone Idea)

There are two ways to stop Vodafone idea VAS services, including the Vi app and the SMS method. Both are easy and simple ones to try.

The Vi Service Deactivate Number is 155223, which can be dialled to deactivate VAS services in the Vodafone Idea SIM number. This is the best way to stop Vi Vodafone Idea VAS Services like Vi Sports Pack, Vi Fun Portal, handset inbuilt games, Jokes Pack, Access Infotainment USSD Service, etc.

Vodafone Idea SIMVi Service Deactivate Number 2023
Vi Service Deactivation Code 2023155223
Idea VAS Service Deactivate Number155223
Vodafone Idea Services Deactivate Code

How To Deactivate VAS in Vi App:

  1. Download the Vi mobile app on your phone.
  2. Launch the app and sign in to it.
  3. You have to enter your Vi number to log in.
  4. After logging in to the app, go to the VAS option.
  5. Find the activated VAS services list.
  6. Select the service you want to stop.
  7. Confirm the deactivation.
  8. Done.

How To Stop VAS in Vi By Sending SMS:

  1. Take your phone.
  2. Launch the SMS app.
  3. Create a new SMS.
  4. Type STOP in the message body.
  5. At last, send the above message to 15223.
  6. All your existing active VAS serviceS will be stopped immediately.
  7. Done.

Note if you want to stop a particular VAS service through SMS then read the table above to find the deactivation SMS codes & the number on which the SMS will be sent.

How To Deactivate Vi Movies and TV

  1. Launch the messaging app.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Type a message in this format: CAN<space>TVALL
  4. Send the typed SMS to 144 for prepaid users or 199 for postpaid users.
  5. You will receive a message regarding the vas deactivation.

How To Deactivate Sports Pack in Vi:

  1. Once again, launch the SMS app.
  2. Create a new SMS.
  3. Type this message: STOP.
  4. Send the above message to 321.
  5. Your Vi Sports Pack will get deactivated within a short period.
  6. You will also be provided with an SMS confirmation regarding the deactivation.

How To Deactivate Vodafone Services

To deactivate Vodafone services, call this number 155223 and confirm regarding the same. This number will work for both Vodafone as well as Idea SIM.

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I hope you will not face any issues while activating or deactivating Vi VAS services on your Vodafone Idea Mobile number. Note that value-added services are chargeable, and you should first go through their rates before starting them.

It’s always better to stay with Vodafone Idea VAS Services because these value-added services cost unnecessary charges which are not required at all. You can get the benefit of most of the Vodafone VAS Services free of cost through the internet.

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