[Vodafone idea] Vi Loan Number Code For Data, Talktime 2024

Vi SIM users can get Talktime & Vi Data Loans by dialling a Vi Loan Number 2024 and Vi Loan Code. Vi (Vodafone idea) has launched an exclusive Advance Talktime Loan Credit Service called Vi Chhota Credit. In case you are in an emergency and have either zero or a low Main balance, you can avail of a Vi Emergency Talktime Loan within a few seconds.

Talking about data loans in Vi, we are not clear whether Vi SIM is providing data loans to users or not. However, you will be getting an advance Talktime loan for sure. The loan amount will start from Rs 10 to Rs 50. Don’t worry! I will provide you with all the Vi Emergency Data Loan Numbers and Vi SMS Loan. Let’s talk about everything in detail.

Who is eligible For Vi Advance Talktime And Data Loan Services 2024:

  • The Vi SIM user must be 90 days old.
  • You must be a Vi prepaid sim user.
  • The Main balance should be less than Rs 5.
  • And the Vi user should not have any previous loan due.

Vi Loan Number & Code For Talktime

Vodafone Idea SIMVi Loan Code For Talktime
Vi Loan Number 2024*199*3*5# | *191*1*6#
Vi Chota Credit Loan Number *199*3*5*1#
Vi Talktime Loan Code & Number

How To Get 10 Rupees Loan in Vi

The Vi Loan Code For 10 Rupees is *199*3*5#. You can get other Talktime loan amounts depending on your need and choice. Make sure to repay the credit amount as soon as possible to become eligible for the next advance loan. Note that there is no such loan code for a 5 Rupee Talktime loan.

Vi Loan Code For 10 Rupees 2024*199*3*5#
Vi Loan Code For 5 Rupees Number*199*3*5#
Vi Loan Numbers For Talktime

Follow the steps below to get your 10 Rupees Talktime loan in Vi SIM:

  1. Open the dialler app.
  2. Dial this Vi 10 Rs Loan Number: *199*3*5#.
  3. A pop-up message will appear on your mobile screen.
  4. Reply with a suitable number.
  5. Confirm the talk time loan amount.
  6. You will receive an SMS regarding the Vi 10 Rs Talktime Loan shortly.
  7. Done.

How To Get a Talktime Loan in Vi By USSD Code

  1. First, launch your caller app.
  2. Dial the USSD code given in the table above.
  3. Make a call and wait for the pop-up message to appear.
  4. Now, select the Talktime loan amount that you want.
  5. Reply with the appropriate number.
  6. Finally, confirm to get a credit loan.
  7. You will receive a message upon successful loan credit.

Don’t forget to repay the loan amount including the service charge charge. If the above Loan USSD Code doesn’t work, you can try these two: *111*1*6# and *150#. The loan amount gets deducted automatically from the next mobile recharge.

How To Take a Loan in Vi By Sending SMS

Any Vi 2G/3G/4G/5G SIM user can take a loan by sending an SMS. You have to launch your SMS app and create a new SMS. Type “Credit” and send it to “144”. Wait for the reply message to come up.

Vi SMS Loan CodeSMS “Credit” To 144
Vi SMS Loan Number

The next step is to reply to the received message with the appropriate number to take the credit loan. Lastly, you will also get a message confirming your emergency Talktime loan application status.

How To Take SMS Loan in Vi SIM:

  1. Get your Vi SIM smartphone.
  2. Launch the SMS app.
  3. Create a new message.
  4. Type the word “Credit” in the message body.
  5. Send the typed text to Vi SMS Loan Code Number 144.
  6. Wait for the confirmation message to arrive.

Vi Data Loan Number & Code

Vi has not launched any service that provides internet Vi SIM data loans. At the moment, you can avail talktime loan only. We will update you if the data loan service starts. You can also call the vi loan number *199*3*5# to get the latest updates on Vi Emergency data loans.

Vodafone Idea SIMVi Data Loan Code
Vi Data Loan Number*199*3*5#
Vi Emergency Data Loan Number

How To Get a Data Loan in Vi SIM:

  1. Launch your phone’s dialler app.
  2. Dial this Vi Data Loan Code *199*3*5#.
  3. A pop-up message displays on your phone screen.
  4. Move to the Emergency Vi Data Loan section.
  5. Choose the data loan amount.
  6. Reply with the appropriate number.
  7. Finally, confirm your Vodafone Idea internet loan taking.

Now, you can enjoy your emergency data loan that was just credited to your Vi SIM number. Make sure! You are paying the data loan amount as soon as possible so that you can take more internet loans on your Vi mobile number.


So, this was the article for the Vodafone-idea SIM users looking for a Vi Talktime Loan Number and Loan Code. Talking about the charges, Vi will include a service charge of Rs 2 to the loan amount. For example, if you took a Rs 10 loan, you must pay Rs 12 back to clear the loan.

Make Sure! You meet the eligibility conditions to apply for the Vi advance credit loan service. I have shared the minimum requirements needed to take a Talktime loan. There is an official mobile app to manage your Vi network account.

The Vi mobile application will let you access the world of services. We are not sure about the availability of loan services in the app. You should search for this in the Vi mobile app.

Also, Read These:

You can also check out the Vi USSD Codes to get your account-related information instantly on your mobile phone screen. If you are facing slow data speed in Vi, apply the Fastest Vi APN Settings to solve the capped internet service. You are always welcome to call the Toll-Free Vi customer care number for any help and assistance regarding your Vodafone Idea SIM connection or usage.

FAQs On Vi Credit Loan Service

What is Vi Advance Talktime Loan Service?

Vi loan service allows its prepaid sim users to take Talktime loans in case of low balance or emergency. Eligible Vi SIM users can avail of this loan within a few seconds.

What is The Minimum and maximum Vi Talktime Loan Amount?

You can take a Talktime loan starting from Rs 10 to Rs 50. The minimum loan amount is Rs 10, and the maximum loan amount is Rs 50. However, the loan amount may change depending on the will of the telecom company.

What is the Charge For Vi Credit Loan Service?

The company charges Rs 2 as a service charge for every Rs 10 loan amount. If you are taking RS 10, you have to repay Rs 12. The same happens for the Rs 20 loan amount. You are paying Rs 2 extra.

Does Vi Offer Data Loans?

No, Vi is not providing data loans to its users. If Vi starts providing internet data loans to its prepaid users in the future, we will surely update you.

What is the Vi Credit Loan Number?

The Vi Credit Loan Number is *199*3*5# for taking advance Talktime and internet data loan on your Vodafone Idea SIM number.

How can I get a 1GB Data Loan in Vi?

You can get a 1GB data loan in VI number by sending an SMS or dialling the Vi loan code number *199*3*5#, which is also given in this article.

How can I check Vi Chotta Credit Loan History?

You can check your Vi Loan History by calling the Vi Chotta Credit History Check Number *199*3*5*2#. This USSD code will let you know all the emergency loan history of your Vi SIM in a single pop-up message.

How can I take a loan with the Vodafone Idea SIM number?

The Vodafone Idea SIM users must follow the Vi loan methods to get advance Talktime and Data Loan on their Vodafone Idea mobile number. There are no exclusive emergency loan-taking procedures for these two operators because they have been combined to become Vi.

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