Vi Balance Transfer Code & Number 2023

Now, Vi SIM users can also transfer their main balance to another Vi (Vodafone idea) prepaid user. You just dial the Vi balance transfer code number to share your Talktime and Vi Data Balance among other Vi 5G/4G SIM Users.

It may happen that sometimes your Vi Talktime balance would be very low or completely finished. During this type of situation, you need to make an urgent call but you can’t do it due to the low main balance. To overcome this problem, you can ask any of your friends or family members using Vi Prepaid Connect to transfer their balance to your Vi number.

In this article, I will guide you on how to transfer the balance from Vi to Vi SIM numbers in a few seconds. You will be able to transfer your Vi Talktime Balance as well as Vi Data Balance to other Vi Vodafone Idea Prepaid SIM users.

What is a Vi Balance Transfer Code?

A Vi balance transfer code is *111*3*5# which is a random number starting with a star and ending with a hash and is issued by the Vodafone Idea telecom company. This code allows its users to transfer their Talktime balance from Vi to Vi mobile number in a very short time. The user has to dial the ussd code to share the main balance and data balance from their Vi SIM to another Vi number.

Vodafone Idea SIMVi To Vi Balance Transfer Code
Vi Balance Transfer Code 2023*111*3*5#
Vi Balance Transfer Number*111#
Vi Transfer Balance

Vi Talktime Balance Transfer Code & Number

Vi Talktime Transfer DetailsVi Talktime Balance Transfer Number
Vi Talktime Balance Transfer Code*111*3*5# | *191#
Vi Minimum Transfer AmountRs 5
Vi Maximum Transfer AmountRs 50
Vi Balance Transfer Service Charge10 per cent of the shared amount
Vi Main Balance Transfer Code

How To Transfer Balance From Your Vi Mobile Number

  1. Take your phone and launch the dialer app.
  2. Dial this ussd code: *111*3*5# and make a call via your Vi SIM.
  3. You will see a “Prepaid Low Balance Services” pop-up box on your phone’s screen.
  4. Reply with the number 1 option: Balance Transfer.
  5. Select the amount that you want to share and reply with the number associated with that amount.
  6. Now, provide the receiver’s Vi mobile number where the balance will be transferred.
  7. Confirm your balance transfer.
  8. Done, the balance will be immediately transferred to the requested vi number.
  9. Note that there is also a processing charge for transferring the balance.

By following the above steps, you can easily learn how to transfer balance from vi to vi. Your Vi SIM should be at least 3 months old to share balance and the receiver Vi number should be at least one month old. You can also directly transfer your Talktime balance by dialling this code: *131*<Amount><Vi Number>#. This is done manually.

Vi Data Transfer Code & Number

As of now, Vodafone & idea also known as Vi does not provide a data balance transfer service. In simple words, Vi SIM users cannot transfer their internet balance to another Vi number. We will update this article as soon as there is an availability of Vi 4G Internet balance transfer codes.

Vodafone Idea SIMVi To Vi Internet Trasnfer Code
Vi Data Transfer Code*191#
Vi To Vi MB Transfer Code*111*3*5#
Vi Data Transfer Number*111#
Data Transfer Vi To Vi

So, stay tuned here for the latest update on the Vi Data Transfer Code. You can verify whether Vodafone Idea is offering a data balance transfer service or not by calling the Vi customer care number.

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As we know Vodafone and Idea have merged to form a single company so the services have also become the same. At the moment, there is not any information regarding Vi SIM balance transfer number codes on its official site. So we have provided here the Vodafone and idea balance transfer USSD Codes.

It will be better if you try out both the shortcodes given in the table so that at least one works for you. In the upcoming time, Vi will officially announce its Vi to Vi balance sharing service. And when it happens, we update the required information here as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Transfer My Vi SIM Balance To Another Vi Mobile Number?

Yes, all the eligible Vi prepaid sim users can transfer their main balance through a USSD code: *111*3*5# or *191#. The Vodafone idea balance transferring process has been explained in this article.

What is The Vi To Vi Balance Transfer Code?

The Vi Balance Transfer Code is *111*3*5# and *191#. These two codes belong to Vodafone and Idea so try running both to know which one works for your Vi number.

Is It Possible To Transfer Vi Internet Balance?

No, you cannot transfer your Vi 4G and 5G data balance to another Vi prepaid number. It is so because there is no such service at present.

What is The Vi Talktime Balance Sharing Service Charge?

At present, we have no concrete details on the Vi balance transfer service processing charge. But, it is assumed to be at least 10 per cent of the shared amount.

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