Vi Call Forwarding Activate, Deactivate Code & Number 2023

How to Activate Call Forwarding in Vi (Vodafone Idea) When there is no answer or signal | Start Vi Call Forwarding When You are on another call | Divert All Type of Calls in Vi SIM | Deactivate Vi Call Forwarding | Vi Call Forwarding Activation & Deactivation USSD Code | Divert Vi Calls

Vi Call Forwarding Code 2023: Are you using Vi SIM and want to activate call forwarding on your Vodafone idea number? If it’s yes, then this guide is for you. In this article, I will share the latest working Vi Call Forwarding Activation Code. You need to dial this USSD code to start the call forwarding facility on your Vi number.

It’s easy to either turn off or turn on call forwarding in Vi. The Vodafone idea call forwarding service is completely free of cost. And those who have already activated call forwarding or wish to stop it can dial the Vi Call Forwarding Deactivation Code.

Vi call forwarding is very essential when your Vi mobile number is switched off or not in the network coverage. On account of any of these two conditions, your call gets diverted to another number when the call forwarding service is turned on.

How To Activate Call Forwarding in Vi [Divert]

There are four conditions to activate call forwarding on your Vi SIM. The activation USSDD Code changes with cases. So, you need to select your call forwarding requirement and then move ahead. The four cases are as follows:

  1. Always call forwarding for all types of calls.
  2. Call forwarding when you are busy on another call.
  3. Call forwarding for unanswered calls.
  4. Call forwarding when you are unreachable/ out of coverage area.

Activate Vi Call Forwarding When There is No Answer:

  • Launch the caller and dial this number: **61* and then your number.
  • For example: **61*8956231452
  • Finally, call this number using your Vi SIM.
  • Done.

Activate Vi Call forwarding When You Are On Another Call:

  • Dial this number: **67* plus your mobile number.
  • For example: **67*4512369874
  • Call the dialled number.
  • The call forwarding when you are busy on another call will be started.
  • Done.

Start Call Forwarding in Vi When There is No Signal:

  • Dial this number: **62* and your Vi number.
  • For example: **62*8541236974
  • Call this Vi call forwarding code.
  • Now, all your calls will be forwarded in case of no signal or unreachable.
  • Done.

Activate Call Forwarding in Vi For All Types Of Calls:

  • Note this code and dial it: **21*<Mobile Number>.
  • For example: **21*9612457836
  • Make a call to this number to activate call forwarding for all calls.
  • Done.

You can find all the Vi call forwarding codes and numbers below in the table to make your work more easy and fast.

Vi SIM Call Forwarding DetailsVi Call Forwarding Activation Codes
Vi Call Forwarding Code For All Calls 2023**21*<Mobile Number>
Vi Call Divert Code**21*<Mobile Number>
Vi Call Forwarding Activate Code For Busy Calls**67*<Mobile Number>
Vi Call Forwarding For Unanswered Calls**61*<Mobile Number>
Vi Call Forwarding Code For Not Reachable Calls**62*<Mobile Number>
Call Forwarding Code vi

How To Deactivate Call Forwarding in Vi SIM

To deactivate or stop the call forwarding facility in Vi, you need to dial Vi call forwarding deactivation code which can be found below in the table:

Stop Call Forwarding in Vi SIMCall Forwarding Deactivate Code Vi
Vi Call Forwarding Deactivate Code 2023 For All Calls##21#vi call forwarding code
Vi Call Forwarding Dactivatione Code For Busy Calls##67#
Call Forwarding Deactivate Code Vi For Unanswered Calls##61#
Vi Call Forwarding Deactivation Code For Not Reachable Calls##62#
Vi Call Divert Cancel Code ##21#
Vi Call Forwarding Deactivation USSD Codes 2023

Stop/Deactivate Call Forwarding in Vi:

  1. Read the above table.
  2. Choose the suitable USSD code.
  3. Dial the code and make a call.
  4. Done.

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You can also check out the USSD Codes For Vi on this site to know about other Vi services and shortcodes. Do note that activating call forwarding in Vi is the same as for any Vodafone or Idea mobile number. There is no separate method to start call forwarding in Vodafone Idea.

Also, the Vi SIM call forwarding service is free of cost, and there is not any type of deduction from your Vi main account balance. You also don’t need any data pack for diverting Vi calls. In addition, cancelling Vi divert call feature is quick and easy to perform.

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