How To Activate/Deactivate Missed Call Alert In Vi Free 2024

Start or Stop Vodafone idea Vi Miss Call Alert | Activate Miss Call Alert Vi For Free | Vi Missed Call Alert Activation Free USSD Code | Vi Reverse Miss Call Information | How To Get Missed Call Alert in Vi 2024

Are you using Vi SIM and not getting alerts for missed calls? You have not activated the Vi Free Missed All Alert service on your Vi mobile number. Don’t worry! I will guide you on How to Activate the Vi miss call SMS alert service for free.

Vi also lets you enjoy the reverse missed call information. Setting a missed call alert on the Vodafone idea is easy and fast by dialling an IVR number or USSD Code and sending an SMS. Vi has also published a dedicated page called “Vi Call Management Services”.

How To Activate Missed Call Alert in Vi Prepaid

There are three ways to activate the missed call alert Vi service on your Vi SIM number: Online, SMSVR and USSD Code. You can try out these three methods to start the miss-call alert feature.

Vodafone Idea Prepaid SIMVi Missed Call Alert Activation Code
Vi Miss Call Alert Code 2024 Prepaid*888*810#
Vi Call Waiting Activation Code*888*810#
Vi Missed Call Alert Activation Number*888*810#
Vi Miss Call Alert Number*888*810#
Vi Missed Call Alert Code

Vi Missed Call Alert Activation Free By USSD Code:

  1. Launch the phone’s caller app.
  2. Dial this Vi Missed Call Activation Code: *888*810#
  3. Now, make a call using your Vi number.
  4. Follow the instructions and start the missed call alert service.

How To Activate Vi Miss Call Alert Prepaid By Sending SMS:

  1. Open the messaging app.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Type this message: “ACT MCI”.
  4. Send this message to 199 if you are a postpaid user.
  5. The Vi prepaid sim user needs to send the above SMS to 144.
  6. Wait for the confirmation SMS to arrive.

Miss Call Alert Vi Activation By Calling an IVR Number:

  1. Take your smartphone or keypad phone.
  2. Dial this Vi miss call alert IVR number: 12384
  3. Listen and follow the instructions over the voice.
  4. Press the appropriate number to activate the missed call alert service.

How To Deactivate Missed Call Alert in Vi

There are two methods to deactivate the missed call alert information service. The Vodafone idea sim user can send an SMS or dial an IVR number to stop Vi miss call information alerts.

Steps To Deactivate Vi Miss Call Alert By Sending SMS:

  1. Create a new SMS.
  2. Type CAN MCI in the message body.
  3. Send the message to 199 (Postpaid).
  4. Send the message to 144 (Prepaid).
  5. You can also type “STOP” and send it to 15223.

Stop Missed Call Information Alert On Your Vi Prepaid Number:

  1. Dial this Vi miss call alert deactivation number: 12384.
  2. Listen to the instructions carefully.
  3. Press the suitable number to deactivate it.
  4. That’s it, done.

How To Start Reverse Miss Call Alerts on Vi Number

  1. Create a new message and type ACT RMCI.
  2. Send the above-typed message to 199 postpaid users.
  3. The prepaid users need to send it to 144.
  4. Congratulations, the Vi reverse missed call information has been started.

There are two ways to activate the reverse miss call alert on your Vi mobile number. The first method is by dialling USSD Code: *888*982#. The second method is by calling this IVR number: 12384.

You can use the details in the table below to activate the Vi reverse miss call alert service.

Vi Reverse Miss Call Information Service DetailsVi Reverse Missed Call Alert Activation Details
Vi Reverse Miss Call Activation Code*888*982#
Vi Reverse Miss Call Activation Number12384
Vi SIM Reverse Miss Call Alert Service

To deactivate Vi SIM reverse miss call alert service, send an SMS CAN RMCI to 199 (Postpaid) and 144(Prepaid). You can also send this message STOP to 155223. Read all the FAQs given below to clear any extra doubts. You can also go through the Vi USSD Codes List to find shortcodes of various Vi services.

Do note that the Vodafone Idea missed call alert service is free, and there is no deduction from your Vi balance. Also, you don’t need a Vi data balance to use this feature because the same is notified by SMS.

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FAQs On Vi SIM Missed Call Information Service

How can I start missed call alerts on my Vi number?

Any Vi SIM user can activate the missed call alert information service on their Vodafone idea number for free via three methods, including a USSD Code, sending an SMS and calling the IVR number.

What is Vodafone Idea’s reverse miss call alert service?

The recipient dialled number gets notified via SMS whenever your number comes in coverage or is active when you activate the reverse missed call information alert feature on your Vi number.

Is Vi miss call information service free?

Yes, the Vi missed call alert for Vodafone Idea sim customers is free of cost. You don’t have to pay any amount or purchase a plan to avail the facility.

What is a Vodafone idea missed call alert feature?

Vodafone Idea sim missed call information management service allows you to get alerts via SMS or notifications in case of any missed call.

What are Vi’s missed call alert activation charges?

There is no charge for activating the Vi missed call alert service on your Vi Prepaid or Postpaid mobile number. It is a free-of-cost service by the company.

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