How To Check Airtel Dongle Data Balance 2024

In this article, you will learn how to check the airtel dongle balance easily. Airtel provides WiFi Dongle or Modem through which the airtel users can avail unlimited fast internet over the airtel 4G Hotspot. It is quite portable and comfortable to carry an airtel 4G Wifi Dongle and use on the go.

Using Airtel 4G Hotspot WiFi Dongle, you can enjoy access to the internet at a very fast speed over the WiFi. It is also necessary to check your Airtel 4G Hotspot data balance so that you come to know about the remaining data left and use it precisely.

Apart from checking the airtel dongle data balance, you will also learn to check the balance on the airtel modem, recharge the airtel WiFi dongle and other important things related to the airtel USB Modem. So, let’s get started. Airtel EPREBILL also lets you check your data balance and data usage of your airtel number.

How To Check Airtel Dongle Data Balance

To check your Airtel 4G Hotspot Balance, you need to first make sure that your device is properly connected to the airtel dongle internet connection or 4G Hotspot. After making sure that you are connected with the Airtel 4G Hotspot, you can move ahead with the data balance checking process provided below:

  1. Take the device which is connected to your airtel dongle WiFi network.
  2. Launch the web browser.
  3. Enter the IP Address provided at the dongle package or back in the Search Bar.
  4. Now, the airtel dongle login page will be opened.
  5. Type the default password “admin” and click on the login option.
  6. When you are successfully logged in, you will see the airtel wifi dongle dashboard or user interface.
  7. Go to the menu bar and click on the Information option.
  8. Select the data usage option under the information section.
  9. Finally, you will see your airtel dongle data balance on a new window.
  10. Other than your Airtel 4G Hotspot data balance, you will also see other information like the data pack plan name, data left and validity of the airtel wifi dongle.

This method is considered one of the most simple ways to check Airtel 4G Hotspot balance. If you have your airtel number then first check your airtel mobile number so that you can directly dial the airtel data balance check code to instantly check the internet balance and validity.

How To Check Airtel Wifi Data Balance

To check the airtel data balance on the airtel modem, you need to make sure that the airtel modem is connected and that the airtel dongle application or software is installed. Now, follow the steps below to check the airtel modem balance:

  1. Launch the airtel modem software.
  2. Navigate to the USSD section.
  3. Dial *121# or *123*9# to check Airtel 4G Data balance and validity.
  4. To check airtel 2G internet balance, dial *123*10# or *123*21#
  5. And airtel 3G users can dial *123*11# to check their Airtel 3G internet balance.

How To Recharge My Airtel WiFi Dongle

Airtel WiFi Dongle can be recharged easily using the Airtel Thanks app or the official website. Here, I will show you how you can recharge your Airtel data card using the My Airtel app.

  1. Download the Airtel Thanks app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Install and launch the Airtel mobile app.
  3. Login into the airtel app via your airtel number and OTP verification.
  4. In the “Manage” section, click on the Recharge option.
  5. Click on the Data Card option.
  6. Enter your airtel data card number.
  7. Select the service provider and choose the appropriate airtel dongle plan.
  8. After selecting the plan, enter the amount and proceed.
  9. In the end, choose the comfortable payment method.
  10. Complete the payment via Credit/Debit Card, UPI, Net Banking etc.
  11. Done, your airtel wifi dongle is recharged successfully.

The Airtel Thanks app provides airtel data card offers through which you can enjoy a percentage discount easily. You can also choose from the list of several Airtel Hotspot plans. This app offers various services which will make all your work related to airtel products managed from a single dashboard. And if you are recharging your airtel data card through Airtel Payment bank then you are eligible for exciting offers offered exclusively for Airtel Payment bank users.

Also, note that you are not limited to recharging only the airtel dongle. You can also recharge other telecom operator modems like Reliance Jio Data card, BSNL data card, Vodafone Idea Vi data card, etc using the Airtel mobile app. You just need to provide the correct data card number and you are good to go.

How To Find My Data Card Number in Airtel Dongle

Don’t you know your Airtel dongle number which is very necessary to perform tasks like recharge and availing service warranty? The Airtel data card number can be found by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Airtel Connection Manager.
  2. Tap on Connect to get connected to the internet.
  3. Move to the Check Usage section.
  4. Enter *282# in the command box.
  5. Click on the Send button.
  6. Your airtel data card number will be printed on the screen.


How can I check my Airtel 4G hotspot data balance?

You can check your Airtel 4G hotspot data balance either online or by dialling the ussd code on the Airtel modem software. For more details, read the article

How to check for the best Airtel hotspot recharge offers?

To look for cashback offers on Airtel hotspot recharges, visit this Airtel website link and search for the best Airtel data card recharge offers and cash backs.

What is my Airtel data card number?

The Airtel data card number is provided in the package box and also on the backside of the Airtel wifi dongle. In case you don’t have the box and the data card number is not visible then follow the method given in this article to get your Airtel wifi dongle number.

What is the price of Airtel 4G Dongles?

Several Airtel WiFi Dongles are ranging from Rs 1999 to Rs 4999. You can visit the Airtel store or online e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Amazon, etc to choose the best one based on your budget. The higher the price will be, there will be more features like Battery Capacity, coverage area, speed, etc.

Which is the best Airtel dongle?

Airtel 4G Hotspot e5573cs-609 Data Card is considered one of the best Airtel wifi dongle models. Anyone can use this dongle for home as well as office use. This dongle supports up to 10 connections and has 6 hours of battery life enabling a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot in the coverage area.

How can I track my lost Airtel WiFi Dongle?

If your Airtel dongle is lost then contact the Airtel customer service centre and register your lost complaint. The company can track the dongle once it’s become active or is being used by someone else.

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