Verizon USSD Codes | Short Codes List 2024

Welcome to the world of Verizon Codes, which can be used to check your balance, data usage, minutes left, best recharge offers, and bill payment. We will provide the Latest And New Working Verizon Short Codes List to manage your Verizon Wireless Prepaid account.

Verizon Wireless is a telecom network company in the USA. The company has launched Verizon # (Pound) Codes and * (star) Codes for users to get account-related information within seconds.

The Verizon wireless # Codes and * codes will let you manage your prepaid or postpaid account by dialling some short service codes. You can also call these Verizon Wireless USSD Codes Verizon dialer codes.

Verizon USSD Code For Short Services

Verizon USSD Codes List 2024

Find the new Verizon # and * codes below in the table:

Verizoncodes DetailsVerizon Short Codes (# & *)
Check Your Account Balance#BAL | #225
Check Your Remaining Data Balance and Daily Usage#DATA | #3282
Check Your Left Minutes#MIN | #646
Verizon Sim Activation Number#PMT | #768
Verizon SIm Activation Number1-877-807-4646
Voicemail Check Code*86
Request For Roadside Assistance#ROAD | #7623
Verizon Customer Care Service*611
Upgrade Details Check Code#UPG | #874
Request For A Test Call#832
Block Caller ID For One Call*67 + 10-digit mobile number
Unblock Call ID For One Call*82 + 10-digit mobile number
Stop Forwarding Calls*73
Forward Unpicked Calls*71 + 10-digit mobile number
Forward All The Calls*72 + 10-digit mobile number
Check Your Verizon Wireless Gift Card Prize Amount#GIFT
Check Your Phone Running Status After Performing Electronic Serial Number Change (ESN) or A New Activation#TEC
Verizon Short Codes List

So, these are the new Verizon Star Codes and Pound Codes for you to use and manage your Verizon SIM prepaid account details. In the USA, Verizon short service codes are made to save you extra time and effort, so use them wisely. Check out the apn settings for Verizon to boost your data speed on the phone.

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